Use certain Alexa to turn on items in that room



1) Give a description of the problem
(So I have a very large home, with over 8 Alexas. I would like to be able to tell each Alexa to do some mundane task, such as turn on fan or light, and have it turn on the light or fan in that room.)

2) What is the expected behaviour?
(If I walk into Master Bedroom, I want to say, “Alexa, turn on the lights” And have the lights turn on. As Opposed to saying, “Alexa Turn on Master Bedroom Light 1” Etc. Etc.

3) What is happening/not happening?
As of now nothing is happening. I am a bit rusty with this stuff, having not done it in over a year. However, I have a very complex system with Webcore, so I understand things. I am just looking for a place to start. I do believe I remember this is a possibility

Basically I want to set up triggers to turn on certain lights, fans, tvs, etc…based on which Alexa is told to do it. That way, it takes away the whole long naming aspect of what I need to say.


As long as your devices (lights) are recognized within the Alexa app, your can group your “lights” into a group and then use the Alexa Routines and use any phrase your want to control them. Webcore would not be needed in that use case.


And this could be based on the Alexa that it is spoken on. Because I want to be able to say, Alexa turn on the lights, in multiple rooms


Unfortunately, the same phrase in Alexa controls the same devices each time…


I’m not sure if alexa has built in device recognition.
“Oh Phil spoke to me thru living room echo device, he must mean turn off living room lights”

I was dissapointed when I was trying this a little over a year ago but maybe now it’s different.

I have done something similar to what you want BUT motion sensors, simulated switches were involved and the result wasn’t that great. It’s gotten very complicated in real life aplication.


I am thinking outside the box here…

If you create a Simulated Switch called “the lights”, then you can say, “Alexa, turn on the lights”… She will turn on the SimSwitch. Then webCoRE can take over:

IF "The Lights" changes to on               <-- Trigger
    IF BedroomSensor's motion is active     <-- Condition
        Turn on Bedroom lights
    END IF
    IF LivingRoomSensor's motion is active  <-- Condition
        Turn on LivingRoom lights
    END IF
    IF MasterBedSensor's motion is active   <-- Condition
        Turn on MasterBed lights
    END IF

This is not a perfect solution, but it will hopefully know what room you are in by the motion that is active…

An easy alternative to this is just use the motion sensors around your house to turn on the appropriate lights when there is motion in that room. (mine only come on when the sun has set)

IF Bedroom's motion changes to active
    Then turn on bedroom lights

IF Bedroom's motion stays inactive for 5 minutes
    Then turn off bedroom lights


Pantheon is correct I do this in my home. Webcore not required. You setup groups in the Alexa app for each room and add the devices for that room. You then set the devices you want as lights and when you walk in that room and say turn on the lights it turns on the lights in that room.


I have been looking for years for a method to be able to identify which Alexa received my command. There are a couple of ways to do it as a work-around. But not the direct method that I desire.


So you say “Lights ON” in each room and only that room’s lights turn on??? without adding another word??


Essentially yes. I have a group defined for my computer room. The computer and the lights are on smart switches. I can walk into the room and say “Alexa, turn on the light” and the lights come on. The same for the computer. I have a similar group for the two bedside lamps in my bedroom. I can say “Alexa, turn on the lights” and both come on. Or I speak each name separately for a single light. When you set up the group, you assign a particular Echo for that group/room.


Holly sh…t
is this NEW???
I’ve been dying to do this… because my wife hates defining different rooms and remembering each commands etc.



dancing like a crazy person

I’ll get on it today,.


@Pantheon is absolutely correct. I have 11 Echoes and each is set up as part of a room group. All of this is in the Alexa app. No webCoRE needed. So, you can simply say turn on the lights for each room by addressing the echo that’s in that room to accomplish what you want. It works great!

However, it only works with lights. I had hoped it also worked with fans too, but it doesn’t.


Now this is a problem for me then. Because I have 2 fans in my master bedroom I want to operate. How can this be accomplished then.


That’s too bad. I could of swore I seen a feature like this back when I was adding all my stuff.

Isn’t there a code for lastdevicespokento?

So like if lastdevicespokento is master bedroom, and phrase is “turn on the lights”, then turn on these lights…etc.etc…

I know that is rough, but hopefully you get the idea of what I am trying to say.


I wish they would add that but for now it only works for lights.


Patheon answered but “Lights on” does work. I just tried it. I usually say “Alexa, turn on the lights”, but Lights on and Lights off works as well.


IF you can see your fans in Webcore (or the outlet controls them etc)
IF you don’t mind light and fans are working at the same time
IF you don’t mind fans and lights turning ON at the same time but lights are turning OFF right after,

webcore can do that…

If one of the solutions is a fit for your needs we can write a draft.


Well I’ll take it. It’s a start:))