Use Fuel Stream to Create Better ST Logging Source?


I’m a long-term whiner about the Live Logging capabilities in the SmartThings IDE. I’d like to have better filtering/sorting, and better overall UX for the IDE. There is no public API for the data in the ST Live Logging that anyone I know has been able to find.

Has anyone tried to use webCoRE Fuel Streams to write ST log information to a store from which one could then build a decent HTML5 log browser?


I use Fuel Streams to write webCoRE log information… This lets me customize it to my needs, and only captures the data that I want, at the times I specify.

Note: The data has to be integers or decimals… (No alphabetical characters / symbols are allowed)

So, for example, ON could be represented as “2”, and OFF could be “1” in the Fuel Stream.