Using two conditions


Every once in a while this piston starts when it should not
Its suppose to fire when the power stays less than 8W for 45 seconds
Is there a way to maybe state something like
if power raises above 100w then drops below 8w

not sure if this will work


Not sure if that version of “stays” will work. I would try “power drops below 8w for 45 seconds”.


Ok what about the 2nd attachment


That’s the code that I commented on.


Thats not possible, It cant rise above 1000w and at the same time drop below 8w


ok how to I activate the piston only after the power rises above then drops below


You can try a WAIT

If power rises above 100W
     WAIT 45seconds  ←make sure you set TCP to never
     If power is less than 8W


Just remember that with “power” as your trigger (lightning bolt), the pison will run top to bottom at each and every change to power. (Potentially hundreds of times per hour)

There is no way to prevent this from happening.


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