Using two ULR's to start piston


I have a piston to turn on a light when I enter my geo-fence (I’m using EventGhost for that) EventGhost use Webcore piston ULR
I have another piston for when my wife enters geo-fence
How would I create a piston that turns on a light when both of us enter geo fence
Would this be better managed with python script in EventGhost


Not a solution…just my immediate thoughts. Presence with geo-fence is largely unpredictable in my experience. Getting two phones to trigger at nearly the exact same time in order to trigger a piston would be difficult and variable. YMMV.


Your right. I guess I could have eventghost use the ULR’s to turn on separate virtual switches then use that in a piston to turn off lights say if both virtual switches were off


My only concern would be how quickly your presence sensors react and how quickly you need the light to turn on/off. Your virtual switches may turn on minutes apart. That may work for your system.


How many lights are we talking about here? One for you, one for the wife, and one for the both of you?


Ok, I was thinking virtual switch for me and one for my wife. Then the piston would be if both switches are off (away) then turn these lights off. Opposite for coming home if both switches are on then turn these lights on
I can add or subtract the lights I want in the piston
Does that not sound reasonable
I know they will never operate at the same time but hoping within 30 or 45 seconds of each other