Using Webcore Presence to know when someone is leaving a location


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What expression would I use to let me know family member is leaving a location

2) What is the expected behavior?
I want to send a push notification saying that my daughter is on the way home.

3) What is happening/not happening?

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I am wondering if I have this correct? I want to send push notifications when my daughter arrives at school and leaves school. I originally had “arrivingplace” but that didn’t work for arriving so I changed it. So now I am wondering if “leavingplace” will work when she leaves this location?


Try using:

currentPlace changes away from <location>

The following is tested and works:



The above was a test I did to log when a user left a place.

In your example try changing it to “leavingplace changes to” rather than “is”


Thanks I will make the changes and see if it works.


Hmm! this isn’t working because my daughter’s presence is stuck in “Arriving at school” . I know she is there but it won’t say she is. Any suggestions?


Does anybody know how to make the webcore presence sensor update more often? My daughter’s presence was last updated at 10:17am this morning and it is 12:13pm now. I am sure she is at school but it says that she is ~1.5km away from school. How do we update the status?


I’m only an android guy and going to make the assumption she has an android. One of the things you can do is turn off the background restriction for battery management for the webcore app. What happens is webcore is in the background and android shuts it down to save battery. This all got worse in that last two major releases of android which are heavy about battery savings.


No, we are all using iphones. 6’s and 7’s.


Did you ever find a solution to this? My wife’s iphone 7 is only ever arrivingAtPlace, never setting currentPlace or leavingPlace


No I found that I had to expand my daughter’s range for it to see her in the area of school.