Using webcore to fire google home routines


I’m wondering if this is even possible, can we use webcore to fire google home routines based on a GE zwave switch being turned on or off. Right now I’m using ifttt to get the desired effect but the latency with IFTTT putting it mildly is terrible.


Not a google home user. My system is Smart Things hub.

Can you create what ever that routine is in webcore??

  • Lets say
    if it’s sunset turn ON all the lights.
    if it’s midnight turn OFF all the lights.

if so, yes you can use the switch to change the routine without needing IFTTT.

If you share more what your routine is and how you want to change, I might understand better.
(once again not a google home user:)))


okay so we have a bond device, which intergates nicely with google home and is snappy for turning on and off lights. There’s ifttt support as well and right now I have it firing via webcore webhooks. It’s slow, around 10 seconds response time. The piston basically says if the switch is turned on, fire the webhook. I want it to work the same way only instead, if the switch is turned on, fire the GH routine.