Using Z Wave Switch as hardwired "button"



Anyone done this? Essentially I am thinking of wiring a Z-Wave light switch to the line (hot / power) only, and bypassing the load so it doesn’t actually control anything, but still updates the hub with “ON/OFF” state. My hope is I can use the switch’s ON/OFF state as a trigger to run Routine or webCoRE piston, while not actually affecting any lighting. For example, when switch changes to ON… do ‘X’ task. I’ve had bad luck with battery operated buttons serving the same purpose, both reliability falling off the hub and batteries dying. Thoughts on if this could work?


Just out of curiosity, when you say “wiring a Zwave switch” do you mean just for battery purposes? or?


Interesting…I will follow your progress here.


I think might be relevant?


I mean I want to use a smart switch that has a constant source of power instead of a battery powered button, but instead of using it to control a load (like lights) as it was intended, instead have it control other smart devices unrelated to the electrical wiring in my house.


Yes, thank you for this! So… it looks like it might work ok as long as it’s a regular on/off switch and not a dimmer switch. I guess I’ll just have to test it but good to know others have thought about it/tried it before.

I have one box I need to put one in with no neutral as well, which complicates it further. I saw the 2nd gen Inovelli switches have a no neutral option, but requires use of a bypass accessory from AeoTec that gets wired to the load I believe.

I report back if I can get it working :slightly_smiling_face:

My main purpose for this is a hardwired switch at my front and back door that will run a Goodbye piston to turn off all smart lights, set mode change, arm security, turn off Sonos, etc. I’ve been using Samsung buttons but they keep disconnecting and batteries dying on me.


With ON / OFF wall switch you can do that (Webcore can do that as you know)
But in terms of electrical aspect, i am as good as changing a bulb:)))))