V 0.1 Camouflage Smart Light Bulbs as ordinary bulb that works with manual on/off switch on the lamp post



this is my first piston.
Background: So I have a wife, who has severe allergies against cables and tech she does not understand (and TVs larger that 32"). When there is a smart light bulb in a lamp post and she uses the manual knob switch on the lamp post and the light doesn’t turn up because it’s “smart” (and turned off in ST/Webcore), drives her nuts and I get flak. I don’t want an unhappy wife.

I believe I found a solution. Wrote a piston that monitors the status on a light bulb. If the bulb status changes to OFFLINE, I turn the light on in Webcore. That way, when my wife turns the lamp on manually on the lamp post, the smart bulb turns on just as the lamp post user expects. In the evening I run pistons that turn them off, so my wife thinks I already did it. Wife happy, everything happy.

Next step would be to create variables and monitor all smart light bulbs in a single piston.

Code: mnni



Is “the switch on the lamp post” a smart switch?
(In other words, is the bulb and the switch both smart?)


tried to improve original posting to remove confusion.


Thanks. Dumb switch, and Smart bulb. Got it…

Now time for my dumb question…

If your wife turns off the dumb switch, doesn’t this logic require you to manually turn on the switch later?
(since webCoRE cannot “reset” a dumb device)


If you put more then - I don’t know - 10 or more bulbs in a “single piston” controlling, monitoring all that, you are inviting a disaster.:)))


Genius! I have a similar problem with a pair of sconces that I just cant get a smart switch to work with. (crazy 4 way wiring).


Whenever possible, I want my “Smart” devices to have power 24/7. When the power is cut, they turn dumb and are useless… Also, when the power returns, it takes a bit to reconnect to the hub…