Vacation Lighting Piston


@Robin, awesome piston sir! Just what I have been looking for. Thank you!


hi, how do I copy this piston when its a png file?
Im just getting into webcore and pistons for Smartthings



It is quick and easy:

+ New Piston
Then use the import code found at the top of the PNG

Pro Tip:
Go slow during the import process, because it may prompt a few questions.
(I like to see the current PNG in one window while importing in another)


Super thanx for the Quick reply


I got through installing webcore👍
I have 2 question regarding this piston, is I want the simulation to terminate at 11 pm (23.00 in Denmark), should I change time from 01.00.00 to 00.23.00?

If I change the name fof a light device, vil I have to go into the piston and update every devicegroup or is there a way to do this easier?



Are you wanting to change the time as above?

If you change the name of the device in ST, then it should automatically update the name in your pistons. I’m not sure how long it takes for the names to update in webcore, but it does eventually happen. At least it does for me (after several minutes).


Yep :+1: that’s what I want end time to be, thanx, saw that the devices change names automatically.


Hi I was wondering if someone could help me. I have tried using the piston but replacing the Armed Away with a virtual switch that gets turned on when I set the Smartthings to Armed Away. However all that appears to be happening is is it turning on my bulb 5. Can someone tell me how I fix this? Thanks


Which bulb 5? You have a white bulb 5 and rgb bulb 5. :slight_smile:

Any logs?


Oh yeah sorry. It’s White bulb 5.

How do I provide logs?


I wrote up a quick introduction on the Wiki.


I am missing something here. It does not change any of my lights.


would be good to see full logs.


I included the full logs above. It’s the same log over and over, every 30 minutes. What I cannot determine is why

I cannot see where the “restriction” is.


Only when

is the restriction


Yes, but when my HSM is armed and my vacation switch is on, it should execute the “every” part, right?


I have pushed an update if you want to HPM repair.


pushed an update, let me know if it works

hpm repair to get it


I’ll give it a try. Thanks.


It appears to be working now. Thanks.