Very simple door alarm. If door left open over X amount of time



This is very very very simple door alarm.
If you have cats, dogs, tigers, dragons, any pets that can run out if door left open you can use this.

Alarm won’t be triggered for normal use. But if the door left open over 25 seconds (you can change that) it will start and you’ll get an SMS message and sound will be played.

Reason for line 24 is:
I didn’t want to alarm to go off by mistake (somehow) while we are in bed. (the house alarm is different than this one)

pls tag me if you have any questions.


Nicely done Ike!

I hope you were serious the other day when you mentioned you were taking notes…
I could see line 47 being easily forgotten a few weeks down the road… :thinking:
(likely when company is over)