[Video] Setup IFTTT (Alexa & Google Home) to trigger Pistons/Actions



Well, I have passed variables to IFTTT via Alexa in the past… but the work involved is honestly not worth it last time I checked. (unless you are just bored) There is three levels of code (node.js, PHP, and Lambda) that has to be written for each expected variable. In other words, code must be written in advance in 3 different places, in 3 different languages, for each and every expected possibility…

So, for example, if you were trying to program for ten possible commands, you could easily expect 500+ lines of code in three different languages for the simplest of actions. Much more code if you add any complexity to it.

I’ve published 4 or 5 Alexa skills so far, and I have promised myself no more until their format/procedure changes & improves. I keep hoping someone creates a web-app to tie it all together…