Viewable presence sensor icon



In the classic app you are able to view an icon that shows if someone is present or away. In the new app that does not seem possible or at least readily available. Has anyone discovered how you can see if someone using a phone as a presence sensor will be shown as present or away? (In the new app). By way of example, if I use Life360 it puts a little icon on my home screen that will show if that person is present or away just like ST did in the classic app with mobile presence.


I listed three options in your ST posting…

  1. use life360 since those devices are displayed in the new app and show the status. You can place them in a room and order the room at the top of the main page.

  2. set up automations to send notifications when any member arrives/leaves. That way the status will be displayed in the messages section.

  3. set up a simulated presence sensor. Use webcore to sync the new app’s phone location to that simulated sensor when someone arrives/leaves. WebCoRE can see the new app’s phone location. Just need to add it and the simulated presence sensor to webcore > settings > available devices


Thank you very much. I have been using option number one 4 a couple of weeks. But because everyone does not subscribe to Life360 my coverage is not complete. I have always used the notifications but it’s not quite as handy as having something at a glance. I created a simulated presence sensor a couple of weeks ago to experiment with your concept in number three. It was kind of wonky at best reporting present all the time.I may give it another try though.