Virtual switch not showing up in webCoRE


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Hi guys. I just created a virtual switch through the IDE and I’m trying to use it in webcore but it won’t show up in the actions sections. Why is that? I don’t have a hub so I’m trying to get a virtual switch to work without that.

thanks in advanced for any response


have you added the virtual switch to your instance of webcore in the ST app? open your webcore instance, go to settings > available devices > available devices > capability group 1-3… most likely group 3 and which switches


That was it. Thanks a lot and sorry for the silly question ^^


Sorry for unchecking the solution mark but there’s another problem. I managedto create a virtual switch through the IDE, It’s showing up in ST app, webCoRE and Alexa app. Problem is I can’t use that switch as a trigger whithin an Alexa routine and that’s what I am trying to achieve. I want to run Alexa routines from webCoRE without a hub.

Any help will be appreciated


Maybe this will help.