Water sensor piston help


I’m trying to create a piston that senses that one or more water sensors are wet and then it turns off my water using my Econet Bulldog valve shutoff, but only when the housekeeper isn’t in the house. The housekeeper only comes every other week so this isn’t often. I can almost do this within the old app but not exactly.

Here are my requirements…

  1. One or more sensor gets wet will trigger this and
  2. It’s not on a day when the housekeeper is mopping (Because that triggers a lot of them all day long)
  3. In relation to #2 above how do I tell the piston that the housekeeper is in the house (Can I use a date or a switch of some kind?)
  4. I’d like not to have to name each of the water sensors, can I just refer to them all like I can in the app? (I’m afraid that if I add a sensor I’ll forget to add it to the IF statement.)

What is the best way to do this in a piston?


I dont have any water sensors so cant write it out in a piston but in my limited knowledge yours should be along the lines of the following:

  1. define all your water sensors as a variable.
  2. start the piston with if (water sensors variable) get wet
  3. then turn off valve
  4. I would place a restriction for both the day the housekeeper is there and the expected hours. So for example restrict the piston on Tuesdays between 10AM and 3PM. That way if something happens before or after that time frame you are still covered.

There are a few very knowledgeable people here that can probably make this way better but this should be a good start for you.