Weather Status Tiles



Api documentation for weather underground is here:


I was not sure about the left/right. So decided to be smart. :slight_smile:

The whole thing:

Just the right, since that is the start:

It’s just the time.

And it is just characters - which truthfully makes more sense - but the rest of the logic is sound.


Perfect example, and much easier to grasp with a visual. Thanks a bunch!

One last question for whomever knows… Is the beginning ‘space’ from the right command also counted in the ‘left’ portion, or is it ‘eaten’?

When I run
and then
and finally

ie: Last Updated on April 7, 9:55 PM EDT
Last 12 characters are: " 9:55 PM EDT"
(notice the space before the 9)

My question is, is that extra space counted on the subsequent ‘left’ command?

I mean, I tested all 3, and it looks ok… Just trying to confirm what is happening behind the scenes before I start coding with this. (especially since the hour might be 1 digit or 2)


bfara83, thank you for all the work you put in on these and the display tiles. These are very useful. I’m enjoying breaking them learning how tiles work.

Is there a way to have the weather data called for another location? I’d love to get able to get info displayed for locations I travel to.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.