Weather Status Tiles



Here’s my Weather Tiles:

Most of these uses the $weather variable so it should work without much modification.

The Sunrise/Sunset one I got from here for first 2 tiles:

The Daily and Hourly ones came from the webCoRE Wiki mostly but I modified a tiny bit. Please don’t give me credit for creating those tiles but sharing a couple minor changes I did.

TItle: B. Weather Daily Forecast & Current Status / Code: r39vf

TItle: C. Weather Status (Hourly) / Code: e2on

Here’s the tiles I created listed below that shows the Weather status.

TItle: D. Weather Status / Code: 62bpk


  • Today’s High with average temp on footer
  • Today’s Record High with Year on footer
  • Today’s Low with average temp on footer
  • Today’s Record Low with Year on footer

Using the weather feature

TItle: E. Weather Status / Code: emg8g


  • Current Number of Alerts
  • Current Temp
  • Current Feels Like Temp
  • Current Wind Chill - Will show No Wind Chill if above 50 degrees

TItle: F. Weather Status / Code: d2wp


  • Current Dew Point
  • Current Humidity
  • Current Pressure
  • Today’s Projected Precipitation Amount
  • Amount of Precipitation in last hour
  • Today’s Total Precipitation Amount

TItle: G. Weather Status / Code: iznfe


  • Current Visibility
  • Current Illuminance - You’ll need a device that supports this like Accuweather or Nest Weather that I use. Modify with the weather device name that you use.
  • Current Solar Radiation
  • Current UV Index
  • Current Wind Speed
  • Current Wind Gust
  • Current Wind DIrection


I love these tiles! They really work perfectly, compliments :wink:


Trying to understand the purpose of setting up Tiles? Do these display somewhere other than on the webCoRE dashboard?


No, they’ll only display on the WebCoRE Dashboard site. The purpose of having the Tiles setup is to display a bunch of information at once but only displays on a browser though.

Here’s what mine looks like which is probably overkill :slight_smile:



I created a modificaiton to the Tile F and added snow tiles:

:snowflake: {$weather.forecast.forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday[0]} in’

Can someone explain why you use an index or array of 0? Looking at the webCoRE weather wiki:

Snow - Day

Syntax: $weather.forecast.forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday.snow_day


Returns the forecasted amount of snow for the day. Add .cm or .in to the end for metric and imperial respectively.

[[cm:0.0, in:0.0], [cm:0.0, in:0.0], [cm:0.0, in:0.0], [cm:0.0, in:0.0]]

If I do not add the [0], the evaluation is weird:



The 0 represents the day you want to display the forecast for. 0 would be today, 1 would be tomorrow, and so on. If you don’t have the index number, it’ll default to display so many days including today which appears to be 4 days from your screenshot.


Forgot to post my final tiles


Adding Snow tiles is a great idea, I’ll look to add to my initial post above once I’m moved into my new home in Mid-May (don’t have my hub or anything hooked up ATM)


I really like this one @kxavier_23!!

Although, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the connection between the highlighted sections below:

Can anyone post a simplified version of left and right used together in this format?
(Trying to learn so I can use it in my pistons)


On title E, piston 1-the alert. Is there a list somewhere of all the potential alerts? I want to send sms if high wind so I can lower my flag. I know of one alert [wind advisory], but I bet there are more that I should include.


Couldn’t you just make a simple piston based on:

$weather.conditions.current_observation.wind_mph is greater than some value

You could send yourself a push notification if you have contacts enabled or text message.


I could, but that would be too late if I am already out for the day. High wind now.

The alert has a ‘look ahead’ (forecast) component into it. Lower flag before I leave for work in the AM.


@kraig109 I have never noticed an WUnderground alert in webCoRE that alerts more than an hour or two in advance, at most. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but every alert I have seen in the last 8 months was practically already happening at the time. I would seek out the wind FORECAST.

Max Wind
Returns the speed and direction (string and degrees) of the max wind forecast. Adding mph or kph or dir or degrees to the end will select the individual attributes.


Average Wind
Returns the speed and direction (string and degrees) of the average wind forecast. Adding mph or kph or dir or degrees to the end will select the individual attributes.


Thanks, this is what I was looking for, I figured it was in $weather.forecast - but was not sure the syntax. I don’t suppose all of this is online @ wunderground somewhere? I did a quick search but came up empty. For example, both .maxwind and .avewind provide 4 result sets (inclusive of mph, dir, kph) <- 4 sets of those. Any idea what the 4 sets represent? time over course of day?

PS: Not sure if you figured out the LEFT and the RIGHT statements, but I am 90% sure it is like excel - it is a targeted truncation. The $weather.conditions.current_observation.observation_time returns “Last Updated on April 6, 10:00 AM EST”. Therefore Right (subject,12) truncates from the right, 12 values (not characters [AM is a value]) leaving “April 6, 10:00 AM EST”. Then Left (subject, 8) further leaves “April 6, 10:00” finally the formatting in there leaves it as seen in the footers. 90% sure I got that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the left/right explanation @kraig109. That gets me in the ballpark, but the 12 and 8 in your example still confuses me. Why would ‘right’ delete from the beginning, and ‘left’ from the ending? Also, no matter how I play with it, I cannot get 12 to equal “Last Updated on " nor can I get 8 to equal " AM EST”

What am I missing?

To answer your question, here is a link of (most of) the webCoRE commands we can use to call the weather data:


I am pretty sure those 4 numbers are today, and the next three days.
Perhaps you want the first day or two in the 10 day forecast:

Here is the predicted maximum wind for today and tomorrow:



LEFT truncates from the left moving right, and RIGHT truncates from the right moving left. As you expect. The code for the footer is LEFT(RIGHT(text,12),8), and it evaluates from the inside out. Thus RIGHT is processed first

RIGHT (Last Updated on April 6, 10:00 AM EST, 12) = April 6, 10:00 AM EST - effectively removing "Last Updated on "

  1. April
  2. spacebar
  3. 6
  4. comma
  5. spacebar
  6. 10
  7. colon
  8. 00
  9. spacebar
  10. AM
  11. spacebar
    12 EST


LEFT (April 6, 10:00 AM EST, 8) = April 6, 10:00

  1. April
  2. spacebar
  3. 6
  4. comma
  5. spacebar
  6. 10
  7. colon
  8. 00


Beautiful explanation @kraig109!! Thank you for that.
I didn’t consider right 12 would KEEP the right 12 elements, but it makes sense now


Are you sure? I thought left(value, x). Returned the first x characters, not elements?

Ie. each letter, punctuation, number, and space is a character.