webCoRE: A beautiful story continues beyond December 31st 2022


REPOST from Hubitat Community with a special bonus for webCoRE minions around the world!

Born as a community effort on the SmartThings platform in 2016, CoRE was a rule engine that filled the void left behind by Rule Machine. A year later, Adrian Caramaliu, the principal developer of CoRE, added a web interface to the original app maximizing the power of its rules engine.

While webCoRE was never allowed to take advantage of the local processing on the SmartThings platform, members of Hubitat community adapted its code to execute locally, on the Hubitat Elevation. The result was thousands of users enjoying the power of webCoRE executing more reliably and faster, thanks to Hubitat’s innovative platform and the efforts made by the community developers.

Over the past few years, members of both SmartThings and Hubitat communities enjoyed automating their homes with webCoRE from both platforms. However, on December 31st 2022, webCoRE will stop working on the SmartThings platform. Hubitat understands that this is a challenging and difficult situation for the thousands of members who are still using the advanced rules engine on SmartThings platform. For this reason, Hubitat is stepping up to help SmartThings users to seamlessly transition to the Hubitat platform by integrating the webCoRE as a built-in app beginning with the next platform update.

But wait there’s more. Hubitat engineers in collaboration with our community developers, as well as Adrian Caramaliu will work to bring webCoRE to thousands of users, free of ads , thanks to our commitment to support the community, webCoRE will be hosted by Hubitat - same awesome features with less distracting ads.

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