Webcore and HTTPS get requests


Hey guys,

Any idea when webcore will support https get requests for JSON queries?


Is there a specific URL that you need to build? The new json and urlEncode functions should make it possible to send JSON in the URL for a GET request, though that is fairly unusual.


Had no issues to a http:// json endpoint, then Tesla changed from http to a self signed https:// endpoint.
Tried changing to https:// and even https://I.p.a.d:443/ and wouldn’t work.

Ended up having to proxy the requests to a raspberry pi http to https to get it working again :confused:


Ahh a self-signed SSL certificate, I imagine that Smartthings blocks untrusted certificates. Good to hear that you found a workaround. If this is something you’re running locally you may have better results with a free Let’s Encrypt certificate rather than self signing.


not the most ideal solution as its a point of failure if the pi goes away.
The device is a tesla power wall2 so not something i can change the certificate unfortunately


Yeah that’s an unfortunate conflict. The feature request has been unanswered for years but if you want to bump this for Smartthings there is a related thread over here.

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