WebCoRE asks a question, my voice response determines the action



Ya beat me to it! I had mine originally built with the simple yes/no responses. But, as you said, since then, Alexa reserved “yes” and “no” for their use. - making those no longer function properly. Now I use “Yes please” and “No thank you” as appropriate. Works just like the original intent.


Ahhh okay - I missed that part so my apologies and thank you for pointing it out. I’ve got it working now! Time to start adding more of them!


While I am thinking of it, I’d like to make a call out to the community:

If anyone can suggest a one syllable word to represent “Yes” and “No”, I would love some ideas and feedback here. My goal is to keep the phrase as short as possible, yet somewhat natural.

I am debating using “True” and “False”. I could reword my questions a bit to match.

webCoRE asks, “The trash is already at the street… True or false?”
I respond, “Alexa, False”
webCoRE speaks, “Don’t wait too long… There’s a 45% chance of rain in an hour”

Any other mono-syllabic ideas besides “True” and “False”…??


For the record, we can make duplicate Routines in Alexa, that all do the same thing, using a different phrase. It takes a tiny bit extra time to make those extra Routines, but it allows for anyone in the family to use an answer that fits them.

So, for example, let’s say the household has Proper Patricia, Binary Billy, Military Michelle and Surfer Stanley… The following four phrases (Routines) can all turn on “Answer Yes”

  • Alexa, Yes please
  • Alexa, True
  • Alexa, Affirmative
  • Alexa, Far out!

Along the same lines, I could make four Routines to turn on “Answer No”

  • Alexa, No thanks
  • Alexa, False
  • Alexa, Negative
  • Alexa, Gnarly

If we are creative here, the same two SimSwitches can handle many types of questions…
(even beyond the typical Yes/No variety).

If you already have the Routines created (as my first post), then the quickest way to do this is:
Phone > Alexa App > Hamburger menu > Routines > “Alexa, yes please” > Three dot menu >

Then, all you have to do is use a different phrase. I just tested half of these phrases, and they properly turned on the correct SimSwitch. Many other words or phrases will also work, which means that our questions can actually get much more complex. (as long as we keep in mind the 3 possible outcomes)

I’d still love to hear some alternative short phrases, if anyone thinks of any…


My phrases are kind of long but they seem to work. I just tell the person what to say.

I just add the command that needs to be said. My wife can never remember what I tell here to say, so Alexa tells us after the question is asked.

Plus I always make the more common response as the default so you don’t have to say anything.

True and False seems ok to.