WebCoRE asks a question, my voice response determines the action



I gotta say, if we could not adapt (to changing technology), then our SmartHomes would become very dumb, LOL


THanks WCmore. I had an idea today that I wanted to add a yes no question to a piston and I had come to the conclusion that I should do it somehow with simulated switches, but had only a vague notion of how I would do it in my head. Just before starting to try and code something up I did a search and well this made things much simpler.

My litter box reminder piston now will ask if we cleaned it, if we say yes then it resets the reminder, if we answer no or don’t say anything it tells us the last time it was cleaned.

If ST screws up webcore too bad when they switch over I am going to be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.


I changed mine to “Alexa okay” and “Alexa not now”, but I think yours are a bit more natural and memorable. I’ve struggled to ge the family to remember my new phrasing.


With 24 years of Army service, I was tempted to change them to Affirmative and Negative. However, my wife - although very supportive of my military time, was not actually IN the Army and therefor did not appreciate those choices…


Seems to be working but in my one piston I have setup so far the answer is “Yes I did”, or “No I did not”. Since No I did not works if you don’t say anything I added the yes answer to my question. Alexa tells you what the yes response is, after the question. I was worried it might take to long but it seems to be working.