WebCoRE asks a question, my voice response determines the action



I have it implemented and working perfectly when using a routine with a distinctive sentence. But not without saying “OK Google” first then my sentence. “Turn on Answer Yes”. If I do that everytthing works like a charm. My simswitch turn on and my other piston runs the commands.


I have the same setup with my google home. Webcore asks the question through My Sonos speaker. For me to respond I say “ok google sure” Or “ok google nope”. My google home routine would then either turn on the sim switch or not which will let the webcore piston continue accordingly.

There is no other way that I know of to answer the question without first saying ok google.

In your case it sounds like the question is being asked through google home via the broadcast feature. Even then I think you will always have to respond with ok google first. The only thing I can think of is turning on continued conversation in the google home app to see if that lets it listen for your answer without having to say ok google.


All excellent responses… It makes me happy to see this in use by so many others. :sunglasses:

Alexa and Google Home require a “wake word” to begin listening…
(“Alexa” and “OK Google” respectively)

Once the microphone is awake, then send the verbal command to turn on either Answer Yes or Answer No. WebCoRE will take over from there.


I need some inspiration to use this more. My creativity has become drained recently lol.

What are some things you’re using it for @WCmore?


Here are a few ideas from earlier in this thread…

… just to mention a few… :sunglasses:


Thank you again @WCmore for this great idea! I came up with another interesting use and wanted to share.

My Scenario
I have my Smart Home Monitor armed at night for all doors and have it turn off automatically at a set time in the morning when I am home, however sometimes the dogs get me up earlier than the time set to disarm and I take them out through the basement and always forget to disable the SHM, triggering the alarm.

IF my presence is detected at home and I enter the basement while the SHM is armed(stay) the motion detector picks up motion, triggers Alexa to ask me if I would like to disarm the SHM, I simply respond with my custom Alexa routine.


Half asleep I stumble into basement, Alexa says, good morning, would you like me to disable the Alarm?

I respond with Alexa, yes, alarm code one two three four

That’s not the real phrase (my luggage pin though), but allows me to keep a somewhat “secure” code to it so a simple yes from anyone will not disarm it.


Not a bad idea at all @itg… You could “beef” it up a bit by also adding a time restriction. (IE: only if between 5 and 6am) This would prevent it from being used at other times…

For awhile, I was contemplating using a rolling password that changes every day, so that even if someone overheard one, that password would not be re-used for at least 7 days…

The trick is coming up with some sort of internal method (mnemonic device) to remember the current password, LOL

Shoot me a PM if you want a few ideas…
(Warning: Code has to be added for each and every password, so it’s not quick)


sorry, drawing a blank here but where does a code come into play for changing SHM state?


I use the code as part of the Alexa routine so that if an intruder triggers the motion instead of me, they simply can’t say Alexa yes, or yes to disarm it.

The “code” is essentially the Alexa routine’s “When you say” portion which will trigger the virtual switch I created specifically for this, not the standard Alexa yes virtual switch.

For example:
A routine that is “When you say” Yes, code is four four four five nine seven two (or whatever you want it to be.) When Alexa gets the right response she will trigger the virtual switch which will disable the alarm. Wrong response and it repeats, no response and it repeats. If door is opened and SHM is not disabled, it would trigger the alarm.

I could also trigger alarm with no response / improper response, I have not done that yet though. I will see how this works for me first.


The time restriction is a thought, but sometimes it could be in the middle of the night so I left that out. The rolling password would be good, but I fear I would forgot which password I am on! No tricks can help this memory! LOL


One other thought for a bit more security…

If you normally go straight from the bedroom to let the dogs out, you can add a conditional statement that checks to see if the bedroom motion is still active before asking for the password. If the bedroom is inactive, then it can go straight to the alarm mode.

Essentially, I usually try to find a pattern with the user’s routine, and then use another condition to verify that it is indeed you opening the basement.