WebCoRe CONVENTION is coming... not really:)))


Hi everyone,
Sometimes I wish we had a webcore convention at a hotel or something LOL
I would love to chat with you guys hours and hours about stuff.
Since it’s not a reality yet, here is my post:

I can see that some of you are connected more with the Smart Home companies and/or communities. So i would love to hear your opinions about these questions.

This topic is more like as if we are all sitting at a Chistmas dinner and talking about things:)))))))

1 - Do you think ST HUB (devices) and Webcore will be controlled localy at some point? (not just editing)
Do companies aiming for that or it looks like NEVER gonna happen? or atleast maybe “paid cloud priority”? (I pay monthly fee to get better speed etc)

2 - Is Smart Home concept and technology really on the rise? OR like the internet bubble was, companies rushed in as early as possible but they did not see the return (profits) and it slowed down, going towards fading out?

3 - Do companies work on making device communications better. Or we will always depend on volunteer device handler writers

  • For instance my AC IR controller can only receive a command from ST hub and WebCore and sends the signal to AC. But there is NO WAY checking IF AC turned ON for real… (besides workarounds - put a sensor on the AC filter and check to see if that changes etc)
  • Same with my shades. Zwave device sends signals to the shades and hopes that it worked LOL
    Or will they keep blaming other companies for everything.
  • For instance amazon is never taking any responsibility and keep claiming their side (alexa app) is great, it’s always the other companies product that sucks and causing problems.)

4 - Do you think we will be able to do more with alexa? things like :
sending direct music from webcore (play track etc)
or sending SPEAK commands (without needing echo speak etc)
Or amazon is not interested opening up to that?

5 - Will there be any standardisation at some point?
Like USB 3, HDMI, Optical sound cables etc are universal now, one cable fits all.

Like to hear from you all
Thank you for your time


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Love this concept, Ike… Although you likely already know my views on each of these questions, so I am biting my tongue curious as to what others think.


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