webCoRE Critical Update v0.2.100.20171211


Hey guys,

Please update your webCoRE to the latest version if you’re version is prior to v0.2.100.20171211. Both CoRE and webCoRE are generating stress on the platform by executing certain methods that are “expensive” - this critical change is working around that issue to ease the stress on the ST platform and should make things work much smoother. Please be aware that this has been lightly tested. While I don’t expect any issues, please report back if you encounter any issues or errors you were not experiencing before updating.

I will update the legacy CoRE SmartApp to use the same method in the days to come.

Thank you for your understanding,

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Just had a wander round the house and all my lights turning on with motion are working OK.
Breathed all over a humidity sensor (just as well I hadn’t had a curry) and the fan came on OK. Just basic stuff I know but it all fired as it should.
Edit: Oh and my mode changed to Night on queue.


Thank you guys :slight_smile:


I had the icons in the smartapp setup just as I liked…

Now you’ve gone and reset them all lol :sob:


oh shoot, that’s a bummer, gimme the links, I’ll make’em default :smiley:


go on… I dare ya!!!


lol don’t do it, you’ll be asked to step down and write an apology :smiley:


Pretty sure it was these icons that was overloading the platform. :crazy_face:


Minion motorboat anyone?


Not sure “overloading” is the word?! :wink: :wink: :wink: something over, anyways :wink:


Its been 4 days and I still don’t have my Minon Tiddies icon. This app sucks.


Where would you be without it.


When I go to smart things ide and select the update this is what I get. I’m still learning so what do i need to do


Are you already at .100?


Im not sure everytime I I go to my piston it says I need to updat. I thought I did it once already but when I go to IDE it does not show how to I look at what version Im onHome \ webCoRE (v0.2.0fe) is what it says

but also says this

A newer SmartApp version (v0.2.100.20171211) is available, please update and publish all the webCoRE SmartApps in the SmartThings IDE.


Do a hard reload of your browser and see what happens.


I have. closed out and restarted many times with same results


If you go into the webCoRE app in the IDE, what are you seeing on line 21.
I have this.
public static String version() { return “v0.2.100.20171211” }


public static String version() { return “v0.2.100.20171211” }

So same as yours Just weird when I go to my pistons dashboard and it says theres an update still