WebCore IDE: global string search?


Is there a way to search all my pistons for a particular string occurrence ?


not generally.

Can you say more of what you are looking for as there may be workarounds.


Thank you.

I’d like to search all pistons for the occurrence of the name of a particular device, “Den Lights”, for example.


I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for, but if you select the device in HE, then scroll to the end, there’s a section “In use by” which details where the device is used, including individual pistons.


Thank you! That works perfectly for my example for finding all occurrences of a device’s usage within pistons.

I am a bit surprised WebCoRE does not have a general string search.


I’d like a method to put the data into a spreadsheet. I did this manually to help with my ST to HE migration.
I’d also suggest that you take a red snapshot of your pistons, particularly any that use many devices. This will help if you have to restore them, as the restored pistons only have placeholder devices and have to be edited to add the correct devices.