WebCore Instances: How to maintain multiple WebCore Instance Browser Tabs during a Refresh All in Chrome



I have created two WebCore instances for displaying :

  1. Piston Tlle Dashboard
  2. Non Tile Piston Dashboard

Using Mac Chrome browser, I can duplicate a browser tab and manually switch that tab to display the other dashboard instance. However, when I refresh all browser Tabs using a Chrome extension or hard refreshing that dashboard instance, the WebCore browser tabs reset to the show the same WebCore instance and I have to manually switch that browser tab back to the other instance.

The URL for both WebCore instances is https://dashboard.webcore.co/ and does not allow me to “stick” a specific dashboard instance in the URL.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this need for displaying both WebCore dashboard instances in separate browser tabs or a link to use for displaying a specific WebCore instance?


My educated guess is it is relying on cookies to display the last choice you have made. One possible solution is to use two different browsers to display the two instances, since that way, a different cookie will be set for each.

(although I do like the idea of specific URL’s that point to a specific instance!)


Thanks @WCmore.

If browser cookies are how the currently displayed piston instance(s) are being managed, I will have to see what I can manipulate using a script.

I really do not desire to toggle between separate Chrome browser instances, which i realize would work as you suggested. I have dual tabs within Chrome working now to display the separate piston instances, it’s just that when I auto refresh all TABS using a Chrome extension called ‘Awesome Reload All Tabs Button’, both WebCore Tabs show the same instance and I have manually toggle the other piston instance.

I was hoping that I could get someone to reveal how to obtain separate web hyperlinks to the WebCore instances, or perhaps use something like TamperMonkey or Keyboard Maestro to invoke whatever commands are under the covers to display the separate WebCore instances.


I wonder if you can disable that one particular tab from the auto-refresh plugin.
That would resolve it as well.


@WCmore, I wish I could have that tab exclude option with the Chrome extension, but they are non editable.

I could look for another Chrome Refresh extension with that exclude option and/or write one myself, but the Chrome Tab Titles and displayed URL’s are identical. The only way to distinguish the WebCore instance Tab’s is the displayed content.


I wouldn’t see any harm in excluding both webCoRE’s tabs… If the plugin allows it, of course.
(this is because refreshing the Dashboard does not pull fresh data. It simply redraws what is already there)

I wonder… If a tab is dragged into a new window… will the refresh will be ignored?


I am not sure of a Chrome equilavent, but in Firefox, I use this plugin to refresh specific tabs only.



@WCmore I searched for a similar Chrome based extension in the Chrome extension store like the Firefox ReLoadEvery Auto Refresh script, but only a few of similar Chrome based Auto Refresh extensions offer the ability to refresh based on URL or Tab Name, which does not uniquely identify the WebCore tabs.

Also, I am not interested right now in an AUTO refresh interval like the one you are using for FireFox, just a manual tab refresh button.

Based on your suggestion, I was able to find a better Chrome extension called ‘Reload All Tabs’ that will exclude refreshing 'Pin Tabs in Chrome which might work for my needs a while or until I can see how to develop a chrome extension with a tab include/exclude capability.

Again, thank you for your assistance in this unique need. I thought that more WebCore users would be displaying their multiple WebCore instances simultaneously in a browser, but apparently not or maybe they don’t care that their browser tabs are set back to the same WebCore instance after a refresh.


Glad you found another plugin. Ignoring pinned tabs is a brilliant workaround!

Personally, I use 3 instances, but I usually leave my Dashboard set to my ‘Tiles’ instance for the most part, since that is where most of my info is displayed. (the other ones are basically ‘behind-the-scenes’ pistons and my ‘testing’ pistons where I help others)


I finally had some time to create/modify a ‘Reload All Tabs Except’ Chrome Browser extension. This Chrome extension skips all Browser Tabs (whether Pinned or Not) when clicked by allowing one to designate a comma delimited keyword list to match against the base URL! Not only can this be used for keeping the WebCore instance pages intact, but it can be a performance improvement for pages that either refresh on their own, or do not change when refreshed.

For example, my excluded keyword list is ‘webcore,news.google,ambientweather,actiontiles’ which performs a browser tab refresh/reload for all tabs except those URLs which match the defined keywords.

The Chrome extensions’ icon badge displays the number of Browser Tabs that were skipped from a refresh/reload