Webcore - iOS Shortcuts/Automation - NFC


If I write a piston URL to an NFC tag and scan it. My phone prompts me to open the URL in safari.

If I create a automation in the shortcuts app, works perfectly and doesn’t open up a browser as long as the URL is set to GET. BUT that automation has to be setup on each phone as they aren’t able to be shared

If I setup a routine in the shortcuts section. I can share it. But don’t have the ability to trigger via NFC.

Basically, I’m looking for a way to incorporate NFC, and have it where anyone in the house can use them, including guest, without having to setup the shortcuts/routines on everyone’s phone or have a browser open or require additional user input/actions.

Just scan the tag, done.

I’m fairly new to the NFC tag thing, but regardless I feel like it should be easily accomplished. Anyone have any insight? Is it even possible?


The owners of each phone, (and the software installed on those phones), can control what happens when near a NFC tag… so there is not really a “universal” solution…

You will have to get “hands on” any phone that you wish it to work with reliability… (or take a gamble)

The other benefit with a “hands on” approach is you can program more strategically.

  • If Linda touches StickerA, then a piston does X…
  • If Sally touches StickerA, then a piston does Y… but
  • If anyone else touches StickerA, then it does Z

One good example:

I have a NFC sticker in the cup holder in my car… When I insert my phone there (normal place when driving), I have allowed a command to be passed to webCoRE, and lots of things happen with my SmartHome, as well as volume adjustments on my phone etc.

The operative word here:
I made effort to allow this to happen. If you put your phone in my drink holder, nothing (visibly) would happen.


If we look at this from a security standpoint, I can say with passion that I would not want to own a device that accepted forced commands when near objectX. It would not be wise to let “any-ole-body” decide how my devices react!

Can you imagine the chaos if a malicious bartender installed a few corrupt stickers on their bartops?!?

I firmly believe that we (the phone owners) should have the final say what happens on our devices!