Webcore on New Smarttings


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I used to use Webcore on old SmartThings app. However I cannot get it on New ST app. Is there a way to get it there?

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Using webcore on ST is not wise at this time. By the end of 2021 , Samsung announced that the Groovy IDE (SmartApp, DHT) will be deprecated. Webcore will go out with groovy.


I agree… probably best not to use it. But in the new app, it should show in the Automations section at the bottom of the screen in the smartapps section… assuming you installed all the code in IDE.

What version of the ST app do you have installed?


Well, ■■■■!! I guess I’ll need to transition to something else. What are others doing? Moving to Webcore on Hubitat? Or giving up on Webcore completely, and going to HA on a PI?

I know that increasingly my pistons are struggling. It seems device history is history. And updating pistons to account for that is a problem now that I cannot log into the Webcore UI.

So while I like Webcore, at the end of the day, I need a working home system.


I moved all my devices and WebCoRE pistons to Hubitat about a year ago and haven’t missed ST one little bit.


I transitioned all of my pistons from ST to Hubitat and I have been very happy.


I keep seeing this how everyone is so happy with Hubitat. Worked like crap for me. I thought ST was slow to respond until I moved to Hubitat. Was so bad I went back to ST. Will have to figure other ways around all these impediments. Arghh.


Sorry to hear that. It was pretty easy to transition all of my pistons over. The difficult part was getting all of my devices moved over. That was a challenge. Building an entirely new mesh was the real frustration. I have about 50 devices including a hardwired security system. I thought that I could move everything over in just a day or two. Wrong. It took several days to get everything moved and then a little more time doing minor adjustments to my pistons for the “new” devices. The software side of moving webcore to Hubitat was quite easy. The hardware move was much more frustrating. But, I do find that things operate a bit faster and with more consistency. Most everything now runs locally. I try to avoid any cloud operation as much as possible. I considered running webcore webservers on a local RPi. I would encourage you to consider another attempt to move your webcore to hubitat. Yes, it’s a pain. But I feel that the overall operation is much improved with HE. The WAF seems to have improved as well so…:slight_smile:


Was it a C7 that you used when you were moving over? From my non professional view, I believe the 700 series zwave radio is what’s making the transition for many difficult. It may get better in the future but as of right now zwave inclusion and ghost nodes and its handling seems to be the weak point.

I had my share of failed pairing and the associated pain of unstable mesh. I can’t recommend HE to my non techie friends and family yet.

It’s fast when things do get ironed out.


Yes, C7. And yes, ghost nodes were a problem with Schlage 469 door locks. But I was able to get that resolved. I agree, non-techie friends would probably have some difficulty. But I am very pleased.


So is it definite that webcore + ST is over come end of year? Sounds that way. I love webcore. And yes I’ve heard mixed things about hubitat too. Figuring out if I make the move, do I just go right to HA.


Looks like there’s some new development on the Si Labs SDK that I hope might finally cure the zwave woes.


There is currently no set date for when groovy will be shut down on ST. There was a brief mention in 2020 that they expected to complete phase 3 by the end of this year but no official announcement has been made. We don’t even know if they are on schedule with the new Edge drivers and Rules API. But many of us try to keep others updated that the possibility exists that the end is coming at some point and to be prepared for what will eventually happen. It could be end of 2021 or early 2022… just get ready.

Have you thought about trying Rules API? Yes, it is not finished at this point but may be worth checking out. Look for Samsung Automation Studio and Rules API on the ST forum…


Yes, it was the C-7. as @Pantheon experienced, it was a slow process getting all the devices moved over. I was able to transfer all my pistons and they seemed to work well. Also recreated a couple of my custom DTHs and they worked fine. Got all my devices transferred over except for the door locks (saved them for last) but just experienced incredible lagging when commanding through Alexa. I expected the local processing would hav speeded things up but, unfortunately, that was not my experience. My wife was getting even more frustrated than she was on ST, so I just reverted back. We’ll see what happens when groovy is finally shut down. May give it another try. Still hard to imagine getting by completely without WC :smiley:


That was my #1 reason for moving to WC on HE. I love programming in WC.


My #1 was Echospeaks, but Webcore is an extremely close second place.

And the only thing I have left in my ST hub is my Samsung fridge (in case door is left open). When I can no longer connect ST to HE for the fridge sensors, I guess I’ll have to add separate door sensors.


Does the fridge connect to the hub? I got rid of my ST hub over the summer, yet my robot vacuum and TV are still in my ST app.


Near as I can tell, it’s some sort of cloud-connection, rather than a direct-hub connection. The “device” in ST isn’t a true device. I spent some time researching it to see if there was a way to replicate it in HE, but it doesn’t appear to be possible. A friend of mine has a Samsung TV, and it shows up in her ST app even though she doesn’t have a hub.