webCoRE Optional Update v0.3.111.20210130


Since the main problem has been fixed please provide more information so that someone can help you. What type of variables, what type of values, by mobile do you mean in the webCoRE app, ST app, or a browser? You are no longer seeing the upgrade banner after all the refreshing? Where do the variables not update - on the piston page or in the editor?


Hi @ipaterson, I’m going to persevere like this, and first see if anybody else has similar issues, thanks.


Great update.

I was not able to see that the was open/closed issue was resolved in this release, can anybody confirm this?

Here is more information: Problem with Sensor Was Closed At Least X Minutes



Just to let you the dashboard error message is still appearing (at least in iOS app) and as you can see the location mode isn’t populating.


i am not seeing that in my iOS apps


I haven’t seen that either, but have you logged out and back in?


Thanks for the recent updates!

I have quite a few pistons on hubitat, most of which I’ve had from day one since smartthings. At some point recently, one of them has stopped working properly.

Basically, we have a dimmer on the main lights in the Frontroom. When the level settles, I set a variable with that value.

After a 2 sec delay, if this value is brighter than x, then my mood lights turn off. Dimmer? They turn on.

I’ve noticed that recently the Piston works up to the point of storing the settled dim level value. But fails to take the on/off actions following this.

I’m assuming it’s due to an update.

Any ideas?


Same in Android


Is this still a separate, enhanced branch, or has it been subsumed/superseded by the primary branch?

I do see that it seems like the primary one has a higher version number, but I didn’t want to assume (I’m enough of an @$$ already :smile: ).