webCoRE or SmartThings automations or both?


This is kind of a poll… Does everyone just use webCoRE exclusively, or for simple things, use the ST routines/automations? For example, I could auto-lock my door when everyone leaves using either. I generally like having everything in one spot, so leaning towards just using webCoRE.

Any advantages to using ST automations in conjuction with webCoRE, or just use webCoRE since it can do it all?


My vote is webCoRE all the way!

Why take rollerscates when there is a Lamborghini in the driveway?!?


For simple things that can be executed locally I use ST. All else - webCoRE.


WebCore is my weapon of choice, unless a developer has something that fits the bill, like Lock manager, or Ecobee…


I moved 100% of my automation to webCoRE back when it was in alpha. The benefit of having true flexibility and all automatons in one place outweighs the local execution.

I also made the right decision long ago to abandon “Routines” and create pistons tied to Real Momentary Buttons that do what I need. Now that routines are going away, I’m good!


All my automation’s are in WebCore. I need only two smart apps for Ecobee and Locks but that is just to expose the devices to WebCore.


Thanks everyone. I didn’t know Routines were going away either. I just thought they weren’t in the new ST app yet.

I’ll stick with webCoRE. Time to recreate all my old CoRE pistons.


I use only the most basic automations in ST.

Like my linen closet. Turn on if door opens. Turn off if door closes.
And a few ultra basic automations that only work with native DTHs that will run 100% local. Anything not 100% local capable is on WC

I’d say I’m 95% WC, 5% ST (smartlighting)


I use the Smart Lighting smart app for my lights. Critical to have local control of your lighting automations, in the event of an internet outage. I use Sharptools for a few notifications via Pushbullet, and Webcore for everything else.