WebCoRE pistons vs ST automation rules


Can anyone tell me, are the ST automation rules run locally on the ST hub? and how does WebCoRE compare? For example I have a few very basic automation rules to create like when Motion sensor is triggered do something. I can do this simply with the ST app’s automation rules but I can also do it with WC piston. Is a ST automation rule more reliable than a WC piston? are the ST ones local and WC ones cloud based? If both are identical hen I would prefer to create the pistons and have less mess in the ST app


Hi there,
I don’t have a solid backend information about Webcore and ST hub but what I know is,

  • With ST HUB nothing is local, same with Webcore (I hear people using Hubitat for local webcore access but that is only for EDITING, WRITING PISTONS) all the fireworks still happen in the cloud.
  • If you want to keep your house very very very simple, you don’t need Webcore. ST App is very limited but does the basic stuff. If you want your house to get more complex don’t even start with ST App and dive in to Webcore from get go. I wasn’t aware of webcore early on and did everything (as much as possible) with Apps and had to start from scratch and do everything with webcore.

ST app is the tip of the iceberg. Webcore is the iceberg.

Well, here is how it works (as far as I know) Your house is connected to ST Hub and Hub is connected to your App and Webcore.
If you have a signal problem, both will fail.
If you have a problem with your hub, both will fail.
IF there is an update while you want your lights to turn on, both will fail.
again, if you want to keep very simple, ST app will do the job.

I have almost never seen someone starts simple and remains simple:)))) so I would say dive in and do it with Webcore…

good luck.


Hahaha… Yep.


Incorrect completely the opposite. Writing the piston is in the cloud (unless your using your own server) but once saved it runs locally on HE only.


Thank you for the correction… My bad…
But is it true that HE is still not fully compatible with some of the devices and the handlers we currently use?


Depends on what you use for me everything i have is supported. Also if you have working handlers on ST most are a easy port to change to HE :slight_smile: take a look


But will a WebCoRE piston run locally? for example I currently have a ST automation routine that turns on a set of local philips hue bulbs between a certain time if a certain local motion sensor detects movement. This routine runs even if the ST hub loses internet connection. So I am wondering if the pistons you create on WebCoRE can run locally like that?


No, unless you run it on Hubitat