webCoRE Presence after Migrating to C8 Hub


Quick question: I’ve just moved from my former HE C7 Hub to a C8 Hub. Is the only way to reconnect webCore Presence using my phones - which were previously connected to the c7, is to delete the presence devices and then set up new presence devices?

This method will certainly work but then all the pistons will need to be modified to use the new devices too - and I’d rather not do that if there’s another, easier method.


The presence devices are child devices. You might just go into webCoRE after the update is done and hit done, it may adjust some of this for you. I expect what needs to be changed is on your phone (ie the call back URL is likely what has changed and that I think is on your phone app.

When you are done taking your backup on the C7 for the migration, ensure you logout out of the webCoRE IDE, then re-register on the new Hub your browser.


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, either I was doing it wrong or something else was going on, but I was unable to get the C7’s presence devices working on (i.e., transferred to) the C8. Although the C7’s presence devices certainly are visible on the C8, they were not connected as presence sensors there. I tried just hitting ‘done’ in webCoRE without success. Going into webCoRE settings, showed that although my geofence settings are in place and correct, a button labeled “Setup sensor” was shown - indicating that the C7’s presence devices were not visible by the C8. I tried hitting apply with no adjustments, but that didn’t reconnect the phones as presence sensors. (BTW, I was previously able to successfully move all of my pistons without issue from the C7 to the C8.)

So, I will need to go the long route and set up new presence sensors (phones), connect those new sensors to dashboards, habitat apps, and pistons, then delete the old presence devices.