WebCore Presence Sensor on Hubitat


Also installed WebCore Presence Sensors on Hubitat (HE). Was a longtime user of Webcore Presence Sensors on SmartThings. Everything seems to be working on HE, but I recently got an alert of “Excessive Events” and when I look at logs, it shows about 400-800 events per hour on each presence sensor.

Is this normal??


I recently migrated to HE as well. None of my pistons I brought over are working at all.

Did you install ady’s webcore app, use the HE one?

Are you using the standar DH or ady’s?


It might be worth starting a separate post for your issues, and detail what you’ve done so far, and what issues you’re having. I migrated from ST a few months ago and have everything working well.


Did you install the Webcore Mobile app for Presence Sensor? And if so, are you seeing excessive activity on your Hubitat Logs from the WC Presence device?


I installed the native HE version.