Webcore tells me to update, but nothing shows in the IDE to update


1) Give a description of the problem
When I login to webcore, I see this:

2) What is the expected behavior?
I should be able to update from ide.smartthings.com

3) What is happening/not happening?
Nothing shows when I open ‘smartapps’, click ‘update from repo’. All three slots are empty.


if you do a hard refresh on the webcore dashboard browser window does the update notification still show?


No, doesn’t change a thing.


instead of update from repo go to each of the webcore app in the IDE and publish them manually. after you have done that do a hard refresh on the webcore browser window and check if that helps.


Done, doesn’t change it.


probably logged out and logged in as well? :slight_smile:


Yeah, logged in/out, different browsers, etc. Same everywhere, and no change.


js on github is minified … maybe @ady624 or @ipaterson can take a look at source.


When you went in to each app to publish did they all show the version number that the dashboard is asking for? It will be near the top.

I’ve heard several reports in the past of ST losing the connection with GitHub, fixed by disconnecting on the Smart Apps screen Settings popup. Just want to see whether this is a problem with GitHub not updating.


Yeah, actually. Version listed in webcore smartapp match what’s in the dashboard. What should I disconnect?


Go to My Locations > smartapps (under the Installed SmartApps column) in the ST IDE then look for apps named webCoRE. Previously there was a case of SmartThings installing multiple copies of the apps.

You should have one called webCoRE with all your pistons listed below it. Click that webCoRE and check that the version shown near the bottom of the smart app details is up-to-date. Next, mixed in with your pistons you should see another called webCoRE (this is the webCoRE Storage app) and one called webCoRE Dashboard.

Are there any webCoRE smart apps shown in that list other than those three I mentioned above?


No, that was all there was. Disconnecting from github and reconnecting resolved the issue, though. Thanks!


That is good news, and also a bit bizarre! I wonder what could have caused SmartThings to have all the correct versions of the smart apps but still not fully update them until you tinkered with the GitHub connection… I can understand not being able to update to the latest version in the IDE but you already had the latest version and it just wasn’t “using” it. I think I need to learn more about where that smart app version number comes from on the dashboard to better understand what might have happened there.


How did you end up disconnecting github and reconnecting?