Webcore works with digital press, but not physical


I just moved to Hubitat from ST, and got multiple taps working on a Homeseer HS-WD200+ with help in the forums over there.

This code runs when directly initiated by a “push” button press on the Device Page:

def tapUp3Response(String buttonType) {
    log.debug "3 Taps Up; buttonType: $buttonType"
    sendEvent(name: "status" , value: "Tap ▲▲▲")
	[name: "pushed", value: 5, descriptionText: "$device.displayName Tap-Up-3 (button 5) pushed", 
    isStateChange: true, type: "$buttonType"]

This works digitally, and I have piston logging when it fires.

The same code is called at the end of the device handler when it’s physically tapped. However this doesn’t run the piston. The HE log entry is made on the platform, but no piston, no logging in Webcore.

I am a little lost because this is the code that generates the event on the platform, right? Otherwise Webcore would have to listen for low-level ZWave packets, and I don’t think that would happen.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Turns out this was an issue with the device handler, not Webcore