Wecore Install Help / Problem


I am a Newbie and this post may belong somewhere else…

After watching the Robin’s video regarding the WebCoRE, I attempted an install and got lost.
I quit to study a little more…
Today I went back through the process and at the part to add the 4 files, only one appears!
This one: ady624 : webCoRE Presence Sensor

So, I don’t know how to get back to zero to begin again. (I also deleted the first repository account with my name instead of ady624. So, I created a second done properly and deleted the first (problem?)
How should I proceed?

Thanks so much!!


Did you set the repository to the following?

Owner: ady624
Name: webCoRE
Branch: master



Yes I did.
Thanks for responding.
I think my problem was a partially installed system. I wish I could begin again.
Neal Perkins