What is AtomicState?


As the title asks, what is AtomicState?


In HE, groovy programs have 2 common forms for persistent storing of some data
there is state, and atomicState

They both appear to be maps to a groovy program.

When you are using webCoRE you normally don’t have to be concerned with this as it gets into how webCoRE works. (it is written in groovy).

state is restored when a groovy program starts executing, and is saved when the program exits.

atomicState is stored on each change, and fetched on each access. So atomicState has more overhead on the system

So why two methods? if you have multiple copies of the same program running at the same time, atomicState may be a better choice to ensure there is not old data accessed.

What this means for webCoRE is if you enable parallel piston execution (piston setting), where the same piston can be running concurrently, webCoRE knows to use atomicState.