"When True..." and BUT IF


How do we do a “When True” action in WebCoRE? Also, the BUT IF?


Will “else” do what you want?


You can enable when true/false actions in the piston editor options. I’m not sure what BUT IF is used for, probably similar to else iF which can be enabled with the Show complex IFs option.


In CoRE the but if piston was like a door that swings in two directions. If the doors opens this way do this but if it opens this other way do that. Was best suited for motion light pistons.

Also to the OP @pcgirl65 when recreating your pistons from CoRE into webcore do not feel like you need to make them exactly the same. Lots has changed since legacy CoRE. There is no limit on how many if statements you are bound too. This eliminates the need for when true/false for the most part! Good luck and ask around if you still have questions.