When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


So sneaky! :joy:


Actually, they gave a 55 minute window. So they told us approximately when, but not exactly when. They are sneaky that way. :wink:


Yes, it’s a baby step… but a step in the right direction…
(and to be fair, most launches have a window)


Think I have tinkered with mine too much. Got the verbal but not the written notification tonight. Might just go back to an earlier piston and start from there. How did everyone else’s go?


My current version ran perfectly…

  • Updated the API at T-2.6 hr
  • Updated the API at T-1.6 hr
  • Daily IF check at T-91 min
  • Updated the API at T-0.6 hr
  • Voice alert and SMS at T-30 min

I’m now waiting on the new hour to see if the API refreshes again

I know this sounds selfish, but honestly, I was hoping for a rocket launch delay so I could really test out my latest code… LOL


I’m curious since I have a different offset for written versus verbal if that caused my issue tonight. For some reason I did not set logging to full so cant really trace it.

Glad to hear yours worked though! That means there is light at the tunnel! :slight_smile:


I have updated the original post in this thread with my latest version.
There are about 20 21 22 tiny adjustments since my last update.

Some improvements?

  • More helpful logs
  • Better error correcting
  • Timelier updates from the API
  • It now bypasses the null reference (thanks @guxdude for this idea)
  • It auto-crops long names so we’ll no longer see it overlap like these:


  • Many other minor tweaks… and still only 19 chunks!



Looks good! For your consideration…

I put this logic in so I can press test and get immediate update when desired:

That added one chunk but if you replace this:

With the single line:

set variable {tags}=replace($response.result[x].tags.text,"[","", "]","")

You will get the exact same result and get back to 19 chunks. Interestingly, just doing this second change did not take it down to 18 chunks. Still don’t understand the chunks.

Setting temp by hour, works but not elegant

Space-X is really busy! Two launches coming up in the next week!


Thanks for your feedback.

Please don’t take this personally, but I think I should do more testing before introducing experimental code:

into a public piston. (I’m trying to learn from past mistakes, LOL)

The Test option will definitely be in a future version, once I switch away from an EVERY trigger

I did not test tags without an index, but I am happy to ditch a loop!


Did you see how choked up Elon Musk was on the day he sent his first human into orbit? He was so excited, he was literally blathering more than I have ever seen a public figure… Barely getting out coherent 3-4 word sentences…


Definitely do more testing. FYI, I have this logic on three of my pistons now and it has been working well for the last few days. One of my pistons, I went to every other hour by doing ‘+2’. This is very flexible.


Started working on redoing mine and made a big mess and just decided to import your latest :slight_smile:
Added a second notification block on the bottom along with a second {nle2} and calculation etc. Lets see it does separate text and verbal notifications well. Probably will just go back to a single notification instance otherwise.

@guxdude Do you have a latest import code to share by any chance here or in another thread? Looking to see about the future instances for just visual purposes and leave a single main one for the next upcoming ones.


I believe this should work, but just to point out, my {nle} is just dummy code to force a schedule update. (IE: nothing should visually happen when {nle} triggers, other than a write to log)

I have been experimenting with an extra addition to the bottom of the hover text… showing quickInfo on the next two launches. It is not parsing that data, but it does show some key elements, as well as T- countdown…


I have been tracking progress here and incorporating updates into my piston so I don’t have a separate thread (I stopped using the 2-piston approach when I went to the multi gauge). I hate to step on @wcmore’s thread but the import code for my current multi-gauge version is 0fay3. It is a behemoth at 24 chunks currently.

I have been looking at the same basically adding data for any gauges displayed (essentially anything in the next week). I am using the nfo so is a bit long.


Thank you both! Going to tinker and see to not screw it up :slight_smile:

I like how both you started working on future info, great minds for sure.


Looks like you are just limiting to the first 10 characters?

If interested, I came up with a slightly more aesthetic way to abbreviate some of the data.
For context, I am looping though the data to pull all five data points into a simple list string then abbreviating anything that is natively longer than 10 characters.

If any of the where have a space (i.e. New Zealand), I am shortening to first character of first word. second word(i.e. N. Zealand). The fall back is still the first 10 characters.


I have not applied to loc or vehicle yet as the formatting isn’t as consistent.

FYI - It will probably add a chunk. (Couldn’t resist :grinning:)


Very nice work, but unfortunately, I do not have the room to add that to my code.

I think I will leave the hard coded 10 char limit in place, since the hover text always shows the full name.

Note to self:

I really hope webCoRE v2 allows for larger and more complex pistons…
(100kb just ain’t cutting it anymore, LOL)


Thanks…completely understand, didn’t want you and @guxdude coming up with all the good ideas.

Since I posted my example above, China hopped up in front of Japan for the #5 spot. Of course, no launch time specified.


Launch today at 1:34 PM my time. Unfortunately, I will be out so will miss this one.