When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


They bumped it back for you, @guxdude

T-18.5 hours…


Potentially busy week this week. Of course, can’t necessarily trust those estimated windows…

EDIT: Delayed again. Starlink-10 must be having problems. T-31 hours to Vega launch…


It’s been a strange day of changes in the launch world. Perhaps @WCmore is right not to look beyond the next launch but it is interesting at times.

This morning, as seen in the post above, we had
1 Space-X Starlink-10
2 Space-X GPS III
3 Vega SSMS (Estimated)
4 Rocket Lab “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” (love this name) (Estimated)

Mid day, it went to this:
1 Vega SSMS
2 Space-X GPS III
3 Space-X Starlink-10 (Estimated)
4 Rocket Lab “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” (love this name) (Estimated)

And now it looks like this:
1 Vega SSMS
3 Space-X Starlink-10 (Estimated)
2 Space-X GPS III
4 Rocket Lab “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” (love this name) (Estimated)

Strange to see an estimated date launch before an exact one:


Interesting… The launch was rescheduled precisely 24 hours later…


If there is no math being done when determining the launch window, then this indicates that this rocket is not connecting up with anything else while in flight.

(although, I guess in all fairness, it could be an object in geostationary orbit)

Edit, I bet that is it… French Guiana is very close to the equator.


Edit 2:

I had to verify my hypothesis. It is not connecting with another craft… It will deploy dozens of satellites into orbit once altitude has been reached. (this is 21 companies experimenting with a new “rideshare” concept)


I was out and dealing with some work stuff, did a rocket not go up last night? I still got the notifications so figured it had!


At the last minute, it got rescheduled to precisely 24 hours later.
(see my last post)


Wish I read this before lol… my household got a rude awakening at 4am!! My bad for not checking the code haha… Restrictions now applied, wife still grumpy!!


*tries not to laugh*

My sincerest apologies…

I will add a warning in my first post about this for future users.


I use Alexa for my announcements and have doNotDisturb scheduled from 11 PM to 7 AM every day. My wife would also be very grumpy. She already hates Alexa enough. LOL


New post:

Wow, 2nd scrub, and third day in a row scheduled at the exact same time!



Wondering if this may be relative to your winEst (unless you have edited the code from what is posted above).

In my latest pull, Vega launch winOpen is null and the estimate only lists Month and Year. So when the response is null for the day, is it getting set to today in your piston?

Formatted response:


Good eye. My API pull was accurate at the time, but the Vega launch crew now have only estimates posted in the API.

Using the top piston in this thread, my “API PULL =” in the log only appears at the moment fresh data is pulled in, so it should always display the most current info.

If the month & time is known, but no time is posted, then my piston estimates early that day… If there is no date listed, then there is no estimate given in my current piston.

Or to say this another way:

Unfortunately, I have not dreamt up a way to make any use of vague estimates such as “Jul 2020”…


That is what I was attempting to confirm as your log indicated a launch time but I never saw anything other than the incomplete estimate. I was hoping you had a workaround for those.

But I guess not.


Discovered another ‘rollover correction’. As @fieldsjm noted, sometimes some of the data is filled in and some is not. I put in some checking a few days ago so if the year is zero, I set to next year, month goes to 12 and day goes to 31. So I was curious, what happens if it is February and I set day to 31. After testing, it turns out:

June 31 --> July 1
June 32 --> July 2

So right now, the Vega launch for me is set to 5 AM July 1 (GMT).


Do you have any suggestions as to how we can re-interpret “Jul 2020” to have a specific date attached?


Very cool to hear about the additional roll-over options… :+1:

Wouldn’t this be going in the wrong direction? I mean, if we assume for a moment that the launch does not change, there is a 100% chance that your converted time will always be after the real launch… Meaning you are guaranteed to miss the launch.

For reference, when I did something similar to the events with no day, I always shifted it forward (closer to us), so if anything, it fired a few hours early. (better than late, IMO)

But how could we do anything useful if we are given only a month or year??
(to be honest, I do not want to see data that vague on my Dashboard)


This is why I decided to push it out. Until we get better information (at least all three values), I don’t want to pay much attention to it. Before putting in this correction, the June 2020 went to June 0->May 31 so it was showing that this launch in the future had already happened.


Ahh ok… Pushing it back to keep the clutter down sounds wise.
(although I think we only need two dataPoints (month & day) to draw a decent gauge)

I am toying with the idea of adding the option to have unknown launches hidden from the gauges entirely. (and I may even let users add keywords to filter out locations that they are not interested in)


I had considered setting an arbitrary date (initial thought was the end of the month to avoid the appearance that the launch had occurred on a gauge/tile)…
But as both you and @guxdude point out, there are pros and cons with setting early vs late.

My current thought is to add boolean in addition to the arbitrary setting whenever the data is incomplete. The arbitrary setting would prevent errors downstream in the coding and the boolean would determine how the data is visually presented.

Any incomplete data would only be included on a tile with a text string rather than a countdown. For example: TBD - Est June 2020


I started working on parsing the estimates yesterday, but I am not quite finished yet. The tricky part is, it could be written in one of (at least) four ways:

Jul 2020 (estimated)
Jul 08 (estimated)
(L-1 days, 03:16:48)
Tue Jun 30, 2020 19:56:00 UTC

My goal is to parse it down to simple terms, and have a one line hover text at the bottom of my single gauge.


  • New Zealand - Electron - Jul 03 (est)
  • China - Kuaizhou 11 - Jul 08 (est)
  • China - Long March 3B - Jul 10 (est)
  • Ixtlan - Lucid Dreams - Aug 2020 (est)


The API address currently only works for any number 5 or less.