When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


Your log is missing the fake DUMMY WAIT at 3:29 PM…
and the real DUMMY WAIT at 4:30 PM your time.

I will look at your piston after I eat…


If it is not too late, can you share the data stored up top for these variables?


Edit, there is a lot of code to go thru, but the only thing that stands out in your piston, is not related to the missed trigger. I would need to see the data stored in the variables at the time to add any more to this.

Question: Is this your first launch with the new piston?
If not, did the previous launches alert you properly?


It just refreshed unfortunately :frowning:

Negative, looking at build date it appears I imported it 7/12 and I think there has been one launch since. Cant remember if I got notified that time or not because I wasn’t home and tend to look at my phone less…

I can put the log to full to catch for next instances?


You can, although in this case, it will also help to make sense of any errors by examining the variables up top in the define section (shortly after a boo-boo). If there is bad data up there, then the scheduled alert may not fire.


understood, if you need me to keep an eye on something just let me know. meanwhile the next one is this week still so should have another run at it soon.


For the record, you can screenshot the entire define section after any issues, and post here.
When we combine that with a log, it should be enough for us to pinpoint what happened.

A green snapshot shows all the code, which helps, but does not show the current data stored in the variables.


First, I appreciate all the screen captures. Great summary of the launch. I have noticed rocketlaunch.live always starts their broadcast at T-15 minutes. They even had a statement to that effect in one of the prior launches. Not sure if they posted that this time.

I wonder if this was an update. When I first checked in just before 2100Z, I noticed a note up in the description above the stream feed that said the launch time had been updated to 2130Z. I wonder if they updated one and not the other. I didn’t look any closer at the data at that time but just noticed the win_open was unchanged.


Thanks for your observations… I have not really paid much attention to {t0} in the past…

It usually returns:


Neither have I but I just added a log of that data each time the new API data is pulled. We’ll see if they update it again around launch time.


You could be a bit preemptive by checking the variables up top in the “define” section now.
(12 hours early)

If all is well, you should see:

  • {myDate} = 2020-07-23T04:00Z
  • {nextLaunch} = {myDate} converted to your local date & time
  • {nle} = {nextLaunch} - 30min


All of that looks correct at the moment!


Looking good!

Tonight at 10:29pm (T-91min), your log should show a DUMMY WAIT (with no other action).
At 11:30pm, there should be another DUMMY WAIT in the log, as well as your SMS alert (and potentially your voice alert).

Note: The “DUMMY WAIT” in the log is just so we verify that the final block was evaluated.


I’ll try to stay up and report on the action! :slight_smile:


This next launch is kinda big (Mars Orbiter & Rover), so I am hoping they show a video…

Don’t worry if you miss it in 2 hours. The logs will still post, and we can catch the next one at a more reasonable hour for you.

Note: {t0} in the API is currently showing 40 minutes after {win_open}.
(and all of our programming is based on the latter)


I believe it is currently shortly past 10pm for you now. This means, if you open your piston right now,
(do not press the edit button!), you should see this up top:
Next scheduled: 7/22/2020, 10:29:00 PM

If you see this, you are on track! :+1:

I just noticed your hourly queries are at 22 past, so here is a slight edit:

► Between 10:22 and 10:29 you will see:
Next scheduled: 7/22/2020, 10:29:00 PM
(This is the T-91min DUMMY WAIT)

► Between 10:29 and 11:22, you should see:
Next scheduled: 7/22/2020, 11:22:00 PM
which will be your hourly check…

► Between 11:22 and 11:30, you should see:
Next scheduled: 7/22/2020, 11:30:00 PM
which is your SMS and voice alerts.

From that point onwards, if the launch is accurate, then it only runs at 22 past.

Again, for emphasis, please do not edit the piston at all during the next couple of hours.


T-91min… My first “DUMMY WAIT” just came thru:



So I ended up not being able to monitor this, had to get up at 4am today, blah!!

The piston did not notify me again, but I had it set to full logging. The only entry in the log currently shows a refresh at 7/23/2020, 12:21:59am

The next one is today at 10:26am for me so I will be able to look at this one. So half hour before, 9:56am I should see a dummy wait. I will see what the variable section inquestion is populated with 1x minute before that.

Data as of 9:50am;

10:01am No notification that should have happened at 9:56am and no dummy wait entry. Piston is counting down to the 22 minutes after the hour trigger.

Piston fired at 22 min after and updated to this;

With this in the logs;


So, just to clarify, you have never seen any dummy waits in your logs? At all?!?


I have seen them before but cannot remember if its this piston version or not to be honest. I can import a second instance and see if that one works correctly?


I mentioned my success with China’s Rover launch 13 hours ago…

… but when I examine my logs 12 hours later for the recent Soyuz-2, my piston never made it to the final block. It is almost like that final block is not updating the new times until after it runs once. (meaning if there is two launches back to back on the same day, the piston does not seem to update the final trigger on the second event until after it runs again)

Maybe I need to ditch the EVERY on line 1, to force it to evaluate the entire piston on each execution. (although this will force a lot of other changes as well)

In a nutshell:
It is always tricky to programmatically change trigger times, and still have them execute on the new time. (or to say this another way, it can only see the change once it is already running… and it can’t run until the previous trigger fires)