When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


First time I’ve seen four actually scheduled and all within a 7 day period.


You beat me to it. ha ha. Yes, it looks like a busy week. Unfortunately first up may get cancelled due to weather. Waiting for an update…

EDIT: Launch scrubbed for today :frowning:


It is funny… I can look at someone’s screenshot in this thread, and tell exactly which older version it was forked off of.

I guess it serves me right with all of the updates I have posted here, LOL.


Can’t spread out much farther without leaving the country…


FL > AK is almost the same distance as from Maine to Hawaii.
(as the crow flies, nearly 5000 miles / 8000 km separates the two extremes)


This is an interesting occurrence. The next three launches are still estimated but 4 & 5 are not. All within the next week.


I just caught myself hovering over your image, trying to see more information, LOL


LOL. Interestingly, when I actually was hovering over this, I found an error in my script (since corrected). I was displaying 5 tiles but only provided future launch information for 4. Turned out I was building my future launch list based on hrsToLaunch<168 hours and skipping display of tiles for >168 hours and the 5th just happen to be exactly 168 hours. What are the odds? Anyway, easy fix.


First for this: 5 known launches in the next week! Let’s see what actually happens…


T-10 minutes until SpaceX launches in Florida… (it launches on the hour)

More Info: nasaspaceflight/anasis-satellite-korea
(including some world records that may be broken)

Video Feed: rocketlaunch/anasis-ii


First time I have noticed this…
In the current API, there is a slight conflict between launch_description and quicktext:

I will pay more attention in the future, but it looks like:

  • quicktext uses win_open
  • launch_description uses t0

The launch is actually in 15 minutes. (half past), but the video feed just went live!


Interesting… Parts of the rocket will return to Earth, and they will attempt to catch it in a giant net…!!


T-5 minutes, with perfect weather:


Nice closeup


2:38 after launch, on the way towards the equator:


10min after launch, with the two stages marked…


20min after launch, and Stage-2 is about to cross over Africa…


26:35 after launch, and Stage-2 is about to pass the equator, with an additional burn to change the direction.

Note: The customer (South Korea) requested that NASA not air the actual deployment.
(since this is a military mission)


Was so busy watching it that I didnt even notice my piston didnt work. Should be the latest version that you have posted. Just looking at the logs which were just your basic logging points, maybe something is off on my side? Might just need to set this to full since its a busy week anyway


Are you sure that you did not tamper with the last block? (the block that alerts you)

My piston (from the top post) worked like a champ.


Only thing I messed with is condition for the speaking portion and second sms message for the lady of the house.

Green snapshot attached for reference.