When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


my piston was pulling every 30 minutes until it updated so it turned out to be between 1:45 and 2:15 after launch that it updated according to my logs. I tested a refined timer/trigger today using

time happens daily at ((hrsToLaunch<4)? addMinutes($now,30) : ($hour24+1) ":X")

(where X is the minutes past the hour I chose to run). I think I could change the ‘<4’ to ‘<3’ to reduce pulls on the API. As expected, it ran one additional 30 minute cycle after the update before going back to the hourly update. Of course, every time I add one of these ternary operators it adds another chunk. That is why I moved the notifications out to compensate.


I mean, I have no issue sitting there and watching the coverage a bit longer. Just going to have to explain this to the lady in this household and her expectations of what this does :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t really call it frustration, more a drive to improve on it somehow!

I think thats part of this, this is by far one of my favorite pistons hence why I must look at it a dozen times a day or so!


I like to have my chart zoom in for the final 6 hours, easier to read (rigged time for testing, colours need fixing).


[chart-gauge min={(hrsToLaunch=>6?"168":"360")} max=0 greenFrom=168 greenTo=72 greenColor=#FFD6C2 yellowFrom=72 yellowTo=24 yellowColor=#FAFFC2 redFrom=24 redTo=0 redColor=#C2FFD1 minorTicks=2 majorTicks={(hrsToLaunch=>6?"7654321":"654321")}.|{vehicle}]


Also, @WCmore, if you are trying to reduce piston size, you have an old expression hidden in the text field for creating the gauge. You must have changed to using ‘value’ at some point, leaving the old expression hidden but still taking up space.


Combine this with my observation, and we can conclude that the API source took between 120-135 minutes to update.

It seems nearly all of my best pistons are near the maximum capacity, so I often have to sacrifice one idea for another. (or, as you did, spread out into another piston)

I really hope there are no size limits on the next version of webCoRE…


Ahh yes… The golden chalice…
A partner that is actually interested in science & technology…
She sounds like a keeper!

I am the same way… I hope my recent rebuttals did not deflate your enthusiasm…


I like this… Although the dial will jump quite a bit once an hour…
Are those ternary operators in your gauge written in an Expression box or a Value box?

OMG… You are an ANGEL!

All this time, I assumed that those extra bits were stored in my browsers cache (like webCoRE’s clipboard)… I had no idea that that text was taking up space in hundreds of my pistons!!!
(I sometimes leave notes for myself there etc)

For reference, I just removed at least 15 hidden lines from that one piston!
(although,the ones with dates in the Value box were stubborn, and would not stay deleted)

Say goodbye to 18 chunks max, and HELLO to 21!!!

Quick Question:

Is there any way to easily remove those fragments not in use? I literally have to edit each line, one by one, to even tell if data is stored there…

Let’s see… 6 clicks per line… at least 100 lines per piston… over 450 pistons at the moment…

Ack! That’s over a quarter of a million clicks!!!


Note to self:

If the mission is ‘null’, consider displaying {tags} in the hover text.

Thanks to Robin’s suggestion, I now have enough room to code this new idea…
(It came out nicely at 20 chunks)

Testing complete.
If the launch does not have a mission in the API, the hover text will display the tags instead.


The original piston has been updated… A few highlights:

  • Ghost code removed to condense the piston a bit (Thanks @Robin!)
  • Alexa is now silent by default, but that block of code can be turned on if you wish
  • Tags are displayed on events with no mission listed
  • Variables are sorted much better up top for quick skimming
  • A couple of [0] were properly converted to [x]
  • A bit more housekeeping



I just used the value box, save having to put quotations around your existing script, used {} brackets instead.


Have fun with that lol


This new feature is especially handy on launches in China, since they rarely post a mission.


I’m having a couple problems with my piston today but just wondering if any of you are experiencing this. I am getting this error:

|+0ms|╔Received event [Las Vegas].time = 1593717840000 with a delay of 1869ms|
|+554ms|║Error retrieving JSON data part null|
|+1893ms|║The next launch is scheduled for Thu, Jul 2 2020 @ 8:10:00 PM PDT (8 hrs)|

When I paste the URL in my web browser it still works fine.


My logs look rock solid…

Perhaps your API pull just happened at the instant they were updating it?


Thanks. I will look again the next time around. (It worked fine when I hit ‘test’)


Did anyone see the Electron launch today? I missed it live but backed up the live stream to see it. Launch went well but then the system failed before achieving orbit. Bummer for that team.

EDIT: FYI, with a pop-up China launch, all five launches are within the next week. First time this has happened.


I missed the recent launch… but did find time to add another feature to my piston.
(shown highlighted below)

Now, if there is no mission statement listed, it’ll list the {tags}, as well as new dataPoints.
(mission keywords begin after the pic )

I plan to update my original post within the next few days…
(unless someone wants it sooner)


I thought that was in your last update. Or are you showing ore than just the tags now?


In that last screenshot, there are two tags:
B1051 and Series: SpaceX Starlink

Then I use a diamond to separate the new data:
Starlink-10 (57x) and BlackSky Global 5 & 6

This new data will likely catch the various smaller missions launching on the one rocket.

To answer your question, {tags} is already in use in my first piston here… The new dataPoint will be uploaded when I next update this piston. (it feels silly to push out a tiny update, unless others do not want to wait)


This is great. I noticed on the last mission there was no mission and no tags. This will give a third field to potentially avoid an empty category. I think I got it implemented in my copy. I just had to find the alt-code for the diamond :smile: Thanks!

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That is what inspired me to add this feature…

The piston in the original post has now been updated to display this extra mission data.