Inserting Emoji, Symbols or Images into a piston


There are many ways to bring in shapes, symbols, or tiny images to webCoRE…

On Windows, I am a fan of this method:

  • Win+R … charmap.exe … Enter

(over 16 pgs (~3000) shapes can be copied/pasted directly in a piston without using the alt-code)

If viewing in webCoRE, the display can also be colorized, like this:


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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, that method doesn’t work for me since I am on a Mac. It did stir me to do a search, though. Found Cmd-Ctl-Space will bring up the Character Viewer on Mac and then I can double click characters to insert them. Thought this might be of interest to future Mac-based readers.

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Great info @guxdude, thanks!

I guess, for posterity, I should also mention that has a great collection of colored symbols, emojis and images that can be copied and inserted into a piston. Such as:

They work in SMS, emails, piston states, tiles, gauges, logs, and most other locations here in webCoRE.
(don’t try them in a URL though, LOL)

Pro Tip:

The images copied from here may appear slightly different, depending on the viewing OS.
(Win 8, Win 10, Android, Mac etc)


Some of these shapes may be new and might not display on older operating systems.


I just use the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10, all the emoji are there as well.



Thanks Robin, that is also good to know.
(I usually disable that keyboard the moment I install Windows 10)

Of course, it would be unfair if I did not mention FontAwesome:

In an expression box, and inside quotes, we have thousands of choices, such as:
:fa-camera: or :fa-camera-retro:


Or here is a sample tile (colored):


This should work with most of the icons found here.

Edit 2022: The icons found in this v5 link are more helpful since it hides thousands of v6 icons (that we cannot use yet).

Also note that the code snippet above was made with FA version 4.
To see version 5’s much more advanced syntax,
check out these great code examples on the Wiki.


I tried to use Font Awesome once. I don’t know if I did it wrong or it just wasn’t available but I couldn’t get it to show up properly. It obviously wasn’t too important or I would have asked a question. :joy:


FontAwesome works, well, awesome… if used internally.
(it’s subscription based, so not so good embedded in SMS or emails)

I typically use FA for Dashboard “piston state”, logs or tiles…

In those cases, FA is more customizable than any other method mentioned above.
(inverted colors, layers, size, boldness, rotation etc)


This may be my problem. I tried again displaying something in a gauge. It showed fine in the expression evaluation but did not display on the gauge. Maybe because the gauge goes through google?


I have an Owl :owl: in a Google gauge…
It displays nice in Win10, but as a box in Win8.

pic . pic

(Note, that owl is from

I suspect FA’s symbols will fail in all gauges, but I can confirm that FA does work in hover text…
(AKA piston state)


Pro Tip:

Keeping in mind that the gauge may take ten seconds to update, if you are failing when trying to insert standard text in a gauge, then I would suggest to do the conversion prior to trying to draw the gauge. (some formulas need to be done in advance)


I’m curious…can we save the icons to Hubitat, and if so, how would we put those icons in the pistons?

[EDIT] Nvrmnd…didn’t realize I could copy/paste them