When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


Updated, still following the crew dragon as well. Fun times!


Hmmm… The updated piston should not be showing the “Crew Dragon” any more…
(remember, it may take up to 67 minutes for a new piston to populate the variables)


Sorry for the confusion, I meant I was still watching the stream online :joy: piston appears to be working correctly!


Interesting. I hadn’t 't seen it fail but hadn’t tested it as much as this piston does. Makes sense a truncation could get inconsistent results. Will update my other uses of this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the simplification, @Alwas

Ironically, I am going in the opposite direction…
(I’m trying enhance this piston even more)


Apparently, the launch window changes more often that we first assumed…

My next version will have more frequent updates to the API to account for this…

(the next launch is in 45 minutes… not 18)


Launch in 6 minutes…

Live Feed: rocketlaunch.live/launch/starlink-8


I love how they timed the return of Stage-2 at almost exactly two orbits later.
(I’ve actually been wondering for years why this was not the norm)
It’s definitely a smart way to save on retrieval & transportation costs!

Side Note:

I have not tested it yet, but the NASA reporter shared a SpaceX link that I want to remember to check out later…


This simulator will familiarize you with the controls of the actual interface used by NASA Astronauts to manually pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle to the International Space Station."

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I just captured a new screenshot…

  • The time is precise (blue background)
  • The launch is over a week in the future (square tile)


For the observant ones, you can see the crazy long launch location reduced to 20 characters…

Edit a few hours later… It’s less than a week now, so the tile shifted to a gauge…



I was not awake but saw the data change on my 20x minute interval! Still looking forward to your next interpretation though

Ended playing this for about 30 minutes this morning! Pretty cool


I wonder if we need to plan against win_close vs win_open somehow. The ISS mission had an instantaneous launch window so wasn’t a good example for this.


I thought about that… but decided against it… Mainly because:

Any science-buff will turn on the live feed shortly before win_open.
(and the info there will be official and updated much quicker than the unofficial API)

In other words, personally, I do not care when the window closes. I want to know the earliest possible launch, so I catch all the action. (although technically, the launch can happen anytime within that window)

For reference, I tend to leave an extra monitor displaying the live feed for the whole event…


Very true. I was just thinking the window length at least gives us an idea how far the launch can move before it will be scrubbed. But, as you say, once you are watching live, the API update is more of a curiosity since you are getting real time information.


I guess if you want, you could do a bit of math:
{win_close} minus {win_open}
… and then convert the answer into hours or minutes…

Just be careful, because there are many launches with null listed.


LOL… My den has often been compared to “Mission Control”…
(although it is not nearly this massive… yet)


The next launch is in T-29 minutes… (my alert just went off)

Unfortunately, there is no video for this Chinese launch…


I must admit, I am disillusioned by China’s insistence on secrecy…
(IE: 30 min before launch, and the name of the vehicle is “To be determined”… :roll_eyes: )


Someone better hurry to the launch pad with a can of spray paint, LOL


Noticed that as well. Also noticed how it all of a sudden just appeared last minute. Think you pointed that out in a previous post. Still good fun! Curious if you have made any major changes to your 2x piston setup or still just mining data from the API?


My current piston is still shown in my first post here…
(last updated ten days ago)

I am trying to watch closely during launch day to better understand the API patterns. Once I have a better grasp, then I will focus on the double-whammy, LOL


100% understood! Next up New Zealand!!