When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


Lookin’ good!

At a quick glance, the only thing that stands out is I might change:
“Clear all previous” tiles to a precise “1 to 16” instead of using {gaugesDisplayed}.

Similarly to our other conversation… Going from a large number to a small number would leave lingering (old & outdated) data…



Interesting. I figured I should clear what I create but I guess the extra doesn’t hurt. Eliminating that variable and the logic associated saved one chunk. Now 20 chunks. (code b7h6)


You would only notice that strange behavior if (for example) you had it set at 5 gauges for awhile, and then decided that perhaps only displaying 3 would be better. Clearing tiles based on {gaugesDisplayed} would not touch the recently removed. (in this example, 4 and 5 would linger, unchanged, indefinitely)

… and bonus points for this!
(I successfully saved a 19 chunk earlier… with bated breath)


Actually, {guagesDisplayed} was set based on what was created the last run and not updated until after the clearing and so would always clear the correct number. The chunk reduction was a bonus, though. One more and you might be able to look closer at this one. :wink:


Ha… Good catch!

Hmmm… now let’s see what else we can reduce…
(only one more chunk to go… LOL)


I know I’m going the wrong direction here but added in switch to finer scale under 10 hours to launch. Now 21 chunks again. :frowning: Anyway, I found this progression interesting.

Showing all 5 launches:

Set my showAll flag to false. Showing 3 all more than 10 hours away:

Then the first launch enters the 10 hour window:

Now both the falcon 9 and Electron are within 10 hours:


Well heck, since you are up-chunk’ing… :face_vomiting:

Why not make the colors different during the final 10 hours…
It will make it easier to distinguish between the two gauges.

I tell you, I had to scrap sooo many ideas on this one due to lack of space to code properly…
(hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze most of my ideas in to my double-whammy pistons)


LOL. Love the emoji there

Great idea! Just need to pick some good colors…


I like the layout of this site to pick colors…
Also quite handy to see two colors side by side (since they will be in the gauge)

(also cool to have the ability to see the gradients in between two colors)

I would choose colors fairly light (faint) so they do not hide the tick marks…

In the color square, the top left third seems to be the ideal shades for gauge colors.
(shown highlighted below)


(the outer circle can be anywhere though)


T-30 min to next launch…

(Although Google’s gauges are still down for me)

Live coverage is currently not available. Please check back for status updates.

Note to self…

If there’s no video coverage, then what’s the point of posting a launch countdown? LOL

Defense from self:

Patience, my young Padawan… The video feed is due to go live in 5 minutes…


gauges are working for me. A new launch just popped up.

Gauge tiles not showing correctly

I like the “Twilight” color scheme! Did you check out the gradient maker?


I played with it a bit but still figuring it out.

Finally found the live feed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAp3EGE4HI4

They say live coverage will start in about 8 minutes


I’m beginning to see a pattern with this particular New Zealand launch site…

To be fair though, they don’t have a bunch of archived footage to pass the time before the launch, LOL

I think they said something about this being their 9th launch?
(I’m not sure at what capacity they were referring to though)


Hey thanks for that link. Too bad that was not found in the API call :-1:
That would be handy to have automatically at each launch.

Was that just a random YouTube search that got you there?

Ugg… They just bumped the time… again


When I went to the link from the API, I clicked on ‘stream 1’ and it took me to YouTube but still the blank screen. Then I saw up in the corner was the live feed.


OK cool… One extra click, linked from the API source (somewhat)
I can live with that.


Currently delayed due to bad weather, and my time is a bit limited right now…

I think I will tap out on this one, and hopefully catch the next one.


Sorry you missed it. Launched about 10 PDT and was smooth through all the stages.


I guess I missed both launches…

Side Note:

Maybe China is reading my posts…
This time, they gave us a 2.5 day warning to steal all their military secrets plan for the launch. :grin:

A China Long March 3B rocket will launch the Beidou-3 GEO-3 mission on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 2:04 AM (UTC)."

(L-2 days, 10:37:00)