Who can code a bridge between ST & Moteino Gateway?




I just stumbled onto these guys. How is there not an ST/Moteino bridge??

This would be huge!


I read a bit their website but could you ELI5 if you can spare a minute? Thanks!


could you ELI5… ??



Most Reddit users would know what it means. Are you not? I’m not into social media but Reddit really is something different. It’s niche and full of cleverness (and also weirdness, depends on your interest) lol

ELI5 means explain me like I’m 5.

If you haven’t looked at Reddit yet, I really encourage you to do so.


not on reddit


Any time you see ELI5 it’s basically asking you to explain whatever you are talking about as if you are talking to a 5 year old.

@Kebel871 I love me some Reddit


Brilliant, you just ELI5 what is ELI5. There, have some karma!


ELI5: Explain Like Im 5

just added that since no one had posted the actual expansion.