Why am I getting double notifications?


Hi there, this is my first post on the forum after recently getting a whole bunch of additional Fibaro modules wired in around the house, then learning about webCoRE and putting together some simple pistons to control lighting :slight_smile: I’m already loving it!

One of the pistons I’ve created is to control an outdoor light by turning it on 15 minutes after sunset and turning it off 3 hours before sunrise. I’ve included some logic to send the mrs and I a notification when the light is turned on and off but the issue I’m having is that for the switch off scenario, I’m getting two of the same notifications. Does anyone know why?



Try it like this.


Cool, I have updated the Piston and will let you know whether it worked :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I still got two notifications when the light was switched off…can I just check that for the ‘send notification’ action, did you need me to keep it as (empty) or actually select the contacts to send the push notification to? Because I did the latter…


Yes, I meant for you to add the names of the contacts.

Have you double checked that you don’t have any other piston or smartapp setup that is also giving you that notification When the lights is turning off.?


Yea that’s the only piston I’ve got active to send me the notifications. I have another one which was a previous version of this piston but I’ve paused that. Plus, I’m not getting double notifications when the light is turned on at sunset, only when it’s turned off which is bizarre.


Any other ideas anyone? I’m still getting this issue and can’t for the life of me work out why it’s happening. I thought it might be the way my logic is structured but the time ‘180 minutes to sunrise’ only happens once so that shouldn’t be the cause either…


@bangali @c1arkbar sorry for the direct tag both but I can tell from other responses on here that you’ve got a lot of knowledge of webCoRE and this is becoming a real bug bear of mine. Any idea what I might need to do to the piston to stop getting the duplicate notifications?


Turn logging to full and attach logs after the next time it sends you the double notifications.
That way people will have a better idea of what is going wrong.


are both you and the mrs getting duplicate notifications? you dont live in alaska or something, where the sun is always confused? :slight_smile:


Yep, both of us getting the dupes. We live in London - though I’d still say the sun is confused here!

@Baz2473 do you want me to turn on full logging and trace now? I can’t do it straight after the event because it happens sometime around 3am :slight_smile:


It may be because you have a trigger within a trigger.

I think I would make them 2 separate, IFS, within the same piston.
So instead of
IF .

I would do

Then a new if.

Still doesn’t answer your question though.


ahh, cool. hawksmoor my favorite fish & chips place.

try what @bobbles suggested. if that does not work, change from if to every. if that does not work post full logs. :slight_smile:

EDIT: i think @Baz2473 already changed that in the example, so striking that part.


Turn the logging on full now for that piston. Then tomorrow copy the log and post it. :grinning:


or just change the time for both ifs to now + couple of mins and turn on full logging. that way you can watch the double notification as it happens. maybe. :slight_smile:


@freddyq are you still using your original piston or the one I suggested?. Because like @bobbles said. Your first one had a trigger within a trigger,


Oh good point. This is the piston I’m using…


Good idea @bangali I will change the timings on the piston and see it happen live and be able to post logs. I will also restructure the piston logic as suggested by @bobbles before I do that…


Yes actually I’ve just realised I am using the updated version @Baz2473 suggested which has two IF statements…so actually the only other thing I can try is change the if to every…

  1. keep the ifs and change the time condition so they are true say 5 mins from when you make the changes.
  2. save piston.
  3. turn on full logging and see if you get double notification.
  4. if you get double notification post the logs here.

if you dont, back to step 1. try this a couple of times. if no double notification, reset time back to original and leave full logging on. then check tomorrow.