Why is this “false”?


Webcore says this is humming nicely but also says “false”


Unfortunately, if you have migrated to the new app, webcore can not directly manage nor see the state of STHM. It could with SHM in the classic app.

With the new app, you will need to do either of the following:

  1. use automations and scenes in the new app to manage STHM
  2. use virtual devices as a work-around that webcore can use to manage STHM.

webcore can manage Location mode such as Home, Away and Night or any others you have created.


Yikes. Any ideas on a workaround?


Whoops, forget my last Q. I spoke too soon, sorry,

I did try location mode as an alternative but still got “false.” Which could mean that that doesn’t work either, that I did it wrong, or that there is possibly another issue which is leading to “false.”


can you post the screenshot of that piston. You can click on the green camera above the piston to create a safe image to share.


Also, with your first piston…most of that you can do in settings for STHM in the new app. Set the response… where you can have the siren sound plus other responses…lights, video, sms and push notification alerts. when you open STHM, click on the cog in the upper right of the screen, open any of security, leak and smoke and select set up response.


Will do in a sec. in meantime I created some scenes in ST, tried using them as virtual devices, no luck. Still false.



it may be better to use combo of automations/virtual devices for webcore. There is a good thread on the ST forum setting up virtual devices with STHM to use with actiontiles, webcore, etc


Yes I used that to get Actiontiles to work. Unfortunately, within webcore, these new virtual devices are not showing up in the menu (although they do show up in ST and are working fine with Actiontiles). Is there some way to force them to be added?


you would need to add the virtual devices in webcore > settings > available devices > available devices > select devices by capability > capability group 1-3

probably group 3 > switches


They were already added. Not working. Will try again from desktop tmro. Thanks for the help. Will update tmro.


Today’s update: used web (rather than app) to configure piston and — eureka — it said “true.” But then it switched to “false.” No idea why.

My alternative — since I only have a handful of sensors I want to monitor — is to use ST to set up a voice message on my Sonos. Only problem is, I have to do this separately for each set of sensors. But it was a hell of a lot faster than trying to get webcore to work.

Happy to try webcore again if someone has a good suggestion on how to make it work (The challenge has me hooked.)


Can you elaborate a bit what you mean when you say, “it switched to false”…?

There are much more efficient ways to get status updates instead of relying on Trace or the default piston state.


Not all that familiar with webcore, but on the dashboard, where it lists pistons, this was listed briefly as true, then changed to false. That’s all the info i have, unfortunately.


You may also want to post new screenshots of the revised piston(s).



This is normal.

For an important piston, what I usually do is set:


… and then create my OWN informative display using the code:


This lets me control when the status updates, and lets me place a lot more helpful info on the Dashboard.

Such as:



Good to hear it is normal, but the bottom line is, it doesn’t work. To recap, what I am trying to do is create an alarm (on my Sonos speaker, my Amazon Fire tablet, and-or email) if any sensors are opened. Would be very grateful if someone could point me at an existing example of how to do that (I imagine I am hardly the first with this objective). Thank you.


I would create a piston with that as the top level trigger. Something like:

IF any of DeviceA or DeviceB's contact changes to open  <-- Trigger
    Send PUSH Notification (or whatever)

If you want location in that logic, I would use an indented condition inside, like:

IF any of DeviceA or DeviceB's contact changes to open  <-- Trigger
    IF Location is Away (or whatever)                   <-- Condition
        Send PUSH Notification
    END IF