Will "excluding" then re-adding a z-wave device remove all of the associated programming?


I installed a Schlage Connect z-wave lock and am using the RBoy Device Handler. I also have a Homeseer WS100+ z-wave switch close by. It’s my understanding that the lock should connect through the “beaming repeater” (Homeseer switch) instead of directly to the hub. Currently it’s not. From the looks of things I can exclude both the switch and the lock, then re-add the switch, then re-add the lock and attempt to “fix” the mesh. I’ve already tried a z-wave repair. My question is this; if I exclude the switch and lock then re-add them, will I lose the associations already created? Will have to re-create the device in each of my pistons? The lock isn’t a big deal, but my switch controls a lot and it would be a pain. Any advice?


No…the pistons will still be there. You will just have to go in them and reselect the new lock wherever it looks for the device.