You forgot something... Your house sends you an SMS and you just click on it


I was using this method for many other things and just today started using it for my office…

When I leave my garage/office I shut everything down (simulated switch)
sometimes i simply forget or sometimes someone else is there so it shouldn’t be OFF (so I can’t just use IF Presense sensor changes to OFF)

When I leave the house, i receive an SMS message (IF garage systems are left ON) reminding me I left the garage systems ON and if I would want to turn them OFF

I just click on the link SMS message sent me and garage systems are OFF:)

The link is EXTERNAL URL for my piston that can only be executed via link (no triggers, no timers etc)

First piston checks to see the presense sensor.
IF i am gone but garage is still active,
I receive an SMS message
Second piston (if executed by cliking on the link sent via SMS)
Changes a global variable Which turns stuff OFF

You can use this method for many many different things…
Basically : IF something is not done, send a message and let’s see if i want it to be done…
even what we did with @WCmore when working on my house… he gave me an URL link (that’s how I learnt this) and if he was not in front of his computer I would click on that link and he would get flashing lights warning in his house :)))

This method actually saved a day recently… My asistant has a link and she only uses for emergency situations. when she clicks, all of the speakers make an annoucement that I am needed urgently and she can’t reach me in any other way.
I over slept before an important meeting. She clicked on the link 10 minutes before because couldn’t reach me on the phone or chat and woke me up with the announcements:)))

I am not sure if this can be done in a single piston??? (not that advanced with Webcore)
if you know a better way please do share I would love to learn more and more.

Notification not occurring properly
Actionable Push Notification

Nice execution, Ike… Thanks for sharing!

The slight tweak that I would likely do is move the SMS code to your normal “leaving the house” piston.
(Using whatever trigger you already have there)
IE: IF Ike's Sensor changes to not present
Inside that, you can add the following condition:

IF Switch 13 is on
    Send SMS

This way, you can delete the “Ike presence garage i am leaving” piston, and only have the one piston firing off as you leave the house.


Very true… I knew it, I knew it… I was just testing you LOL :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:

I will change that…